One Down, Too Many To Go.

Baby blanket for daycare teacher is finished.

And let us all say, AMEN.

It slowly dawned on me while I was finishing this thing up (and, by the way, I had plenty of yarn to get the job done. Whew.) that it’s December, and I’ve got to get busy on my gift knitting. I’ve got those Koigu socks for my mom (which may not actually count as a gift, since she paid for the yarn. What am I saying… ? Of course it’s a gift.), 2 Mobius scarves, and another blanket like the one above for Baby A.K. This should be do-able, even with all sorts of craziness in my schedule this month, but you know how it is. Something always goes awry. Here’s hoping that all our holiday knitting gets done, with our sanity intact and our wrists free of carpal tunnel syndrome.



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5 responses to “One Down, Too Many To Go.

  1. Lori Lynn

    I’m reading “Atonement” by Ian McEwan. It’s also coming out as a movie this month. It’s a beautifully written book but a little slow at the beginning. I’m just replying because I’m actually reading something current and not written in the 1920’s so I wanted to come off as “hip!” LOL

  2. Cris

    I hope you’re feeling much better! And glad at least that being sick encouraged knitting time. I’m very curious to see the Dora blanket, and how the colors interplay.

    Re: socks; did you change the number of stitches for your smaller needles, or just take the whole pattern down a needle size to make them smaller? If you adjusted gauge and are using more stitches, then there’s more knitting to be done and it will take longer (of course). All of my socks have been on size 0 or 1 (mostly 0) so I don’t have much perspective on the difference between 1 and 2. My current sock is 66 stitches around the leg in 2×1 ribbing; how does that compare to your stitch count?

    Good luck with the rest of the holiday knitting!

  3. Deb S.

    Hope you are feeling better.

    Can’t wait to see Baby A.K.’s blanket. I love bright colors so it sounds wonderful to me.

    I liked your comment about the scarf you are making and what it wants to be. When I was making a quilt for a friend of mine, I wanted to make her a lap quilt. I started cutting fabric and making up blocks. I didn’t have quite enough blocks to make a lap quilt and nothing (and I mean nothing) I had in my stash was going to work as wide sashing or borders. The quilt insisted (and I literally mean insisted) that it be a wall hanging. And really, who was I to argue with what it wanted to be?

    All that being said, it will be interesting to see what your scarf will become; remember, the scarf is in charge. LOL

  4. Deb S.

    The past few years I made quilts as Christmas gifts. I took this year off so I could work on stuff for … me. Well, for myself and making blocks for two quilts that I’ll be making with my cousin Susan. Every two years we have a family reunion. For the last three, both of us have made quilts for our raffle. We decided to work together on a quilt. We exchanged patterns and of course, we each wanted to do the other one’s pattern. So we compromised and we’re going to do both. I have about 40 blocks to make. In the spring/early summer, I’ll be trekking to Binghamton, NY to her house to lay out the quilts and to go to a local quilt shop for some shopping (of course).

    Your idea of gift cards instead of knitted items is a great idea. Or start next year’s gifts in January. LOL

    Have a Happy Holiday & a great New Year!


  5. beadntat

    you know those hormonal screaming headaches you have? Yup, I have them too…and yes, they are migraines. sometimes aka “menstrual migraines” Some folks have success controlling the headaches by controlling the hormones–namely taking birth control pills. I did that for awhile in addition to taking migraine meds. there are lots of different ones and it takes time (and money or insurance, cuz they’re pricey little devils) to figure which one works best for you. I did well with Zomig. It might be worth a try since very few mommies with toddlers I know have the luxury of spending 1-5 days in a dark room with no noise and sleeping. And none of us want to give up knitting for even a day!

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