I’m Back.

Wow… sorry for the long break. I had a truly exhausting week since last Wednesday, which was complicated by a severe sinus infection and a staggering lack of sleep. I just got caught up with my email, and I’m also trying to clean my house a bit before tomorrow, when my good friends Joan and Doug come over for dinner.

So what’s new with my knitting? Nothing. Still working on Wrapper’s Delight, which I know will be great when it’s finished, but, well… it’s kinda boring. I highly recommend this pattern to any newbies who haven’t gone beyond scarves or who have uttered, “I couldn’t possibly make a sweater – it’s too complicated” at some point (Cindy, I’m lookin’ right at you!). But I guess I really need something more challenging. The socks I’m making for Husband of A.K.? Same problem. Socks rock, but again, not very challenging. I know what I need, too – the pattern for the lace shawl to use with my Filatura di Crosa Superior. Better call my LYS



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3 responses to “I’m Back.

  1. Cris

    Yay! That’s the sort of work project we’ll take, any time 🙂

  2. Deb S.

    I “multi task” also. My favorite is having a movie on while I’m quilting. I have a portable DVD player in my sewing room which is always hooked up to my stereo so I can hear it above the sewing machine.

    If I have a short time to work (less than 2 hours), I find a shorter movie and use it as my “timer”. When the movie is finished then my time is up.

    And if I’m working for a long time, I’ll “watch” a series (like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter) and take a break between flicks.

    It is mostly background noise but it also serves as “eye candy” for when I take a bit of a break. Gives my eyes something to look at while I’m ironing or moving about the room. And if it has some good tunes in it (like in the movie Invincible), all the better as it keeps me moving right along.


  3. Cris

    I hear you. I’m (finally!) almost finished with my tan/blue socks, and the next ball of yarn I picked out to start is bright blues and greens. Feeling in need of color and change! I’ve also pulled out my drop spindles again, after leaving them alone for a couple of months.

    I hope you are having a great weekend with family, and yahoo for visiting the yarn shop! I just discovered in Ravelry a lead on a yarn/spinning shop in Lewisburg, about 45 minutes north of me … hoping to find time to go check it out soon, stay tuned kids…

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