Soaking Wet, But Renewed.

whirrrrrrrrr. glug glug glug glug. whirrrrrrrrr. glug glug glug glug.

It rained all day and all night yesterday, so much that today, much of Central PA is bailing out of flooded roads and streams. Whenever this happens, whenever the National Weather Service says that the Susquehanna River is going to crest, it also means that my basement is in danger of flooding, too, even though I live many miles away from any large bodies of water.

whirrrrrrrrr. glug glug glug glug. whirrrrrrrrr. glug glug glug glug.

How is this possible? My backyard is mostly made up of a giant hill, and when we get a ton of rain, all that runoff goes straight to my basement. It doesn’t happen often, of course, but when it does, I’m treated to 36 hours of the sound of my sump pump doing its thing to rid us of excess groundwater. It should be a comforting sound, but it makes me nervous. A few years ago, the sump pump stopped working during the remnants of a hurricane, and we, like so many others, spent days bailing out and drying out and combing through the wreckage of water-damaged collectibles and music equipment. In all, the damage wasn’t too bad (especially when you add in the nice check we got from FEMA), but I’ll never forget that heart-dropping feeling when I went down to the basement that day and saw my cat’s litter box floating towards the laundry room.

whirrrrrrrrr. glug glug glug glug. whirrrrrrrrr. glug glug glug glug.

So my trip to my LYS did what I wanted it to do: reinvigorated my spirit of creativity (read, spurred my butt into action) and renewed my interest in Wrapper’s Delight and Husband of A.K.’s socks. And for good reason: I have a nice, easy Spring project in the queue that should help get my mojo going again. It’ll be a cute dress for Baby A.K., in pink chenille with some funky stripes of a ribbon yarn going through it. Easy… maybe too easy… but so cute, I couldn’t resist.

whirrrrrrrrr. glug glug glug glug. whirrrrrrrrr. glug glug glug glug.

I promised pictures, but I don’t have any. Still. But I will soon. I’m very close to having something to show for my renewed energy – the body of Wrapper’s Delight and one finished sock. So hang in there with me… maybe by the time my sump pump slows down, I’ll have something to take pictures of.



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4 responses to “Soaking Wet, But Renewed.

  1. Cris

    Oy. I’ve helped clean out my parents’ basement after it was several inches deep in water; not fun. Toes crossed that the sump pump continues to do its job!

    I’m glad you’ve been re-inspired by the knitting 🙂 I’ve just received a new spindle in the mail, and there’s some roving in my near future…

  2. Deb S.

    I received this email from a quilting buddy:

    A friend of mine has a farm and on this farm he has some sheep. He is looking for someone with a spinning wheel to make yarn for him. Does any one out there know of anyone with a wheel?

    Can any one help my friend out?


  3. Deb S.

    We’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing with you. Honest!

    The hubby of one of my friends said the only way to make Chuck E. Cheese a half way pleasurable experience for parents was to serve beer.

    Thankfully at soon to be 17 years old, my son has no need or desire to go to Chuck E. Cheese. Let’s just say I struggled with extreme sensory overload when I have been there. Shudders!!

    And you’re always welcome to host Baby A.K’s party in the comfort of my pool (just remember the sunscreen).

  4. Capitol Ideas

    Come back to us, AK. We miss you. 🙂

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