Waiting To Start… To Finish.

Sigh.  Wrapper’s Delight is plaguing me.  This, as many of you remember, is a simple little cardigan that I knit up using Claudia Hand Painted Yarns’ Boucle (color Boot Camp… yeah, I know.).  I bought the yarn and the pattern at last year’s Knitter’s Day Out right here in Harrisburg, PA – the yarn was hanging decoratively at the Uncommon Threads booth (a shop I love, and don’t get to visit nearly often enough) and was lovely and interesting and wonderfully colorful.  The pattern was easy to choose – one of the shop’s employees (owner, maybe?) was wearing the one she knit, and it was soooooooooooooo nice.  Had to have one.

So I started knitting the thing, and about 5 inches into it or so, I wasn’t so sure about the yarn.  First off, as nice and interesting as the yarn is, boucle is a real pain to knit with – my needles kept getting caught in all the little loops, and really slowed me down.  Then there was the color, so rich and jewel-toned all twisted up in skeins, but knitted up, it striped and pooled in some… unpredictable ways.  But I carried on knitting. 

As of this posting, the pieces are done, and all I have to do to end this phase of my knitting experience is sew the thing up.  So what’s the holdup?  Part of it is that common problem many knitters have – finishing phobia, I guess.  I’m just not as motivated to finish it… even though it means it’ll be done… as I am starting something new.  I guess that’s not terribly original, but there it is.  Also, I’m kind of afraid to finish it because I have a strong inkling that I’m not going to like it much, and won’t want to wear it.  Then I’ll be annoyed… you won’t like it when I’m annoyed.  

So my plan is to keep working on my husband’s socks (almost done) and find some yarn to make the Morning Surf Scarf for Bob’s daughter, now that I know what to look for (preferably a handspun of blues and purples and maybe a shock of orange or pink in there).  Then I’ll go back and sew up the cardi.  I promise.


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  1. Cris

    I hear you about the boucle — I started a scarf for a friend last week in a boucle yarn, and needle tips were catching everywhere. Blech! The finished results can be really great, but the process not as fun.

    Sorry to hear that the cardigan isn’t living up to prior hopes 😦 Maybe it will yet surprise you; and anyway, it will be good to have it finished, just so you don’t have to think about it anymore! I’m trying to knock off some WIPs too, before I get into anything new, I’ve got far too many things on the go.

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