Scarf Frogging.

In our last post, our heroine was pondering her next knitting adventure. And a decision was made: the 2nd scarf for her project manager had to be the one. But the project manager needed to see the yarn she chose for the project. He also had to choose from a couple of interesting patterns. So she had no choice: she went to the office, braving the stares and glares from fellow coworkers who knew she was on vacation but was nevertheless standing there, not with a laptop and endless design documents for her project, but with yarn and knitting magazines and needles. Signoff was ultimately achieved – the yarn approved, a pattern chosen, and she was off to the races.

Not A Celebrity Scarf

Not A Celebrity Scarf

The pattern, a freebie from the wonderful ladies at The Mannings, is called Not A Celebrity Scarf, and is seriously cool (I used Noro’s Silk Garden Lite, 2 skeins, for those keeping track – wonderful stuff). I’d seen this kind of pattern before, but never knew how the triangle pattern was achieved. Turns out it’s extremely easy – so easy that I whipped through the whole project before my vacation was over. I casted off, folded the scarf to put in my knitting bag, and then I realized…

… one side of the scarf was wider than the other.

I tugged on it. I measured it. I rationalized. I tossed it into a corner. I had a beer. I took it out again. And there was only one thing to do: frog it. Well, not completely. The width problem could be traced back to a certain spot, so I just had to rip out… most of it. Simply put, there was no way I could sell this scarf to anyone knowing that it didn’t live up to my own standards. The other scarf I made – the one for the wife – was more challenging, but it’s perfect. This one must be, too.

I brought the flawed scarf to work the first day back from vacation. The first person to welcome me back was… my project manager. The following is an actual transcript of our conversation:
yarnyMarni: “I have something to show you…”
Bob: “It’s done??? The scarf is done??? Oh, let me see, let me see… !”
(yarniMarni pulls out the scarf, lays it on her desk.)
Bob: “Oh… WOW! It’s fantastic! I love it! The colors, the pattern… oh,
I think it’s PERFECT… !”
yarnyMarni: “I’m glad you like it… but I have to rip it back.”
Bob: “WHAT????
yarnyMarni: “See here? The widths are off on each side of the scarf. Can’t have that.”
Bob: “I would never have noticed! No, I want it!”
(yarnyMarni explains her seller’s philosophy just as scarf tug-of-war ensues.)
Bob: “Oh, alright, if you insist. But I still love it!”

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