I’m IN!

Alright, everyone, it’s official:  I’M LIVE-BLOGGING THE SHEEP-TO-SHAWL CONTEST AT THE 2009 PA FARM SHOW.  

I spoke to the lovely folks over at the Department of Agriculture, who remembered me from last year and said sure, go do your thing again.  Everything should be as it was last year:  same location (The Sale Arena), same day of the week (Wednesday.  January 14th, to be exact), same time of day (3:00 pm), same free Wi-Fi throughout the Farm Show. 

I’m going to be making some improvements, though.  For one, I’ll be more warmly dressed than last year – look for me in something that looks vaguely handknitted.  I’ll also be bringing some kind of cushion for my chair.  No, I’m not some kind of diva or anything.  And I’m extremely grateful to the tireless organizers of S2S last year (especially Elaine Harvey), for allowing me to set up shop in their midst.  But man, it’s rough sitting on a metal folding chair for 3+ hours… in an unheated Farm Show Complex… in January.  

Let’s see… I’m going to try like heck to promote my live-blogging event even more than I did last year (read, I’m going to visit every yarn shop in Central PA to let them know what I’m up to… and do some shopping).  I’ll try to get some interviews of the S2S contestants before the actual event.  Hopefully I’ll have a brand-spankin’-new camera to take even more awesome pics with.  And… I’ll also be covering the Youth Fleece-To-Shawl Contest as well, which is the same day but starts earlier (10:00 am).  Last year, I got to the Sale Arena just as these kids were finishing up the event, a mistake I won’t make again.

So, dear readers, you all have, like, a month to ask for January 14th off from work so you can come out and watch me  some amazing shearing/carding/spinning/weaving in action.  Or, just log on to this blog under the 2009 PA Farm Show tab and watch from abroad.

(Did I mention I finished that pair of socks I was making for myself?  Now I’m finishing up a pair of fingerless gloves for husband – same pattern as mine, same yarn, not the same colorway.  Pics to come… after Hanukkah, though.  Waitin’ on that camera.)


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  1. I had hoped to be there this year but it is not to be so I am glad I can live vicariously through your blog. Can’t wait to see what they whip out this year.

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