Quick Wrap-Up.

What an amazing day yesterday was.  I want to thank everyone who posted such nice comments during the day (and afterwards as well) – they really helped keep my energy high!  I also want to thank the spectators who stopped by to chat, and definitely the F2S and S2S teams.  Every one of them did an amazing job, not just in the competition itself, but also in promoting the fiber arts.  So if no one has any objections, I think I’ll do this again next year… sound good?

I’ve got to get moving.  Yesterday was my “work” day at the Farm Show, and today’s my “play” day – Husband and I are taking Daughter over tonight for dinner and to see the animals.  Her favorite?  The bunnies.  Or maybe it’s the alpacas.  Ten minutes from now it might be the cows…

BTW… this article was pretty good.


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  1. Thank you so much for this blog! I wish I could have been there! You are wonderful for posting this for all of us fiber addicts.

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