Countdown To Change.

No no no, not that change.  That’s too obvious, and many, many people have been writing about it these past few days.  I could write about it, believe me, but that wasn’t my intent, and I’m sure you’ve read enough about it by now.

Change is coming:  I’m about 30 minutes away from finishing my 3rd pair of these:

Maine Morning Mitts... again.

Maine Morning Mitts... again. For Daughter's babysitter, who deserves a pair.

… which means I can finally start my daughter’s pullover that I’ve been planning for… 3 months.  I absolutely have to knit that thing, but I’ve been a little scared of it because I have to design my own intarsia for it, which I’ve never done.  I mean, how hard can it be?  All I need is to find some knitter’s graph paper, which has eluded me all this time.  But soon I won’t have any mitts to hide behind – I will find some graph paper and I will knit that sweater.  I just hope I can knock it out before spring…


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  1. Marni- Thank you for posting so many good pics of the PA farm show Sheep to shawl. It was the first time for the team from our area “Friends thru Fiber” and I didn’t get to go see their delight and hard work. Now I have thanks to you.

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