Sweater News.

I’ve been meaning to post for… yeah, about 2 weeks now.  And every time I meant to post, I said the same thing to myself:  “Keep knitting.  You can post later.”  The good news is that I’m getting a LOT done with my knitting.  The bad news is that you might have thought I was done with you, dear reader, after the excitement of the Fleece To Shawl/Sheep To Shawl Contest coverage.  Not so.

So let’s see… you already know about the pink SWTC socks (not so much fun to knit, but I do love wearing them).  And I think I mentioned that I knit yet another pair of Maine Morning Mitts for our dear friend and babysitter… in the exact same colorway as mine… sigh.  Then I knit a pair of socks for my daughter.  I’ve been using the same pattern and yarn for her socks with great success (sorry, no picture for these… yet).  

So now I’m finally working on my daughter’s sweater.  It’s a simple raglan rollneck (scroll down to Pattern #21), but if you remember, the hard part (for me) will be designing my own picture on the front.  Since I haven’t tried any intarsia yet, this is a little daunting.  I bought some graph paper, but I can’t figure out how to… use it.  Usually these things are pretty intuitive for me, but not this time.  What makes it worse is that the picture I have in mind is really pretty simple:  a block letter H with a circle around it.  How hard can this be???

Well, I found out this week, it’s not hard at all if you have the right resources.  I made a new knitting friend – the wife of one of my coworkers who’s also an avid knitter with a great deal of intarsia experience – offered her help (thank you, Kristin!!!).  And, I found this great book, which explains intarsia methods very clearly, has great diagrams, and really great patterns.  So, I’ve already knitted the back of this sweater, and I’m almost done with the 2nd sleeve, and then, I promise, I’ll take pictures of my intarsia progress.  In the meantime, you can content yourselves with a picture of my girl.100_0100


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