So How Hard Is It…

… to create your own intarsia chart?  From scratch?  Using only a book as a reference and a demo copy of designer’s software?

It’s HARD.

A capital letter “H” with a circle around it.  I wondered often, “How hard can this be?”  It was hard for a few reasons:

  •  Having never charted anything before, it was hard to figure out how big to make said design.  This is for a sweater for my 3-year old – the design shouldn’t overwhelm an already small sweater, but it had to be large enough to be seen clearly.
  • Placement of said design on the sweater was a challenge.  I want it centered towards the top, but not so that part of the design is hidden beneath the rollneck.  This part will probably be my undoing – if nothing else, the design must be centered.  Must… be… CENTERED!!!
  • There is no way – NO WAY – that anyone can freehand a perfect circle.  You need a compass.  Or a drinking glass/soup can/can of bug spray.  I opted for the free demo of Cochenille Stitch Painter software.  

So once I created the circle on my demo software, I was able to freehand a respectable block-letter “H” inside it.  But once this was done, I couldn’t save the thing (demo software – no Save button), I couldn’t print the thing (demo software – no Print option), I couldn’t copy and paste the thing (demo software… you get the picture).  So I copied every single block onto some knitter’s graph paper, and voilafinis.

Granted, this whole process took about 3 hours.  But I think it just… might… work.  I promise, I’ll post pictures of it when I get to the intarsia part of the project.  Right now all I have are dark blue pieces of knitted fabric, which simply don’t photograph well.  And I should be there soon – Husband and I are taking off on Thursday for a mini-getaway to one of our favorite places.  We hear it’s supposed to rain and sleet all weekend.  Ahhhhhh… knitting bliss.



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3 responses to “So How Hard Is It…

  1. Cris

    So much trouble over such a simple figure … or seeming-simple. “How hard could it be” — famous last words! 🙂

    Hope you are having a great weekend away! We should get together again sometime; maybe before several months go by this time!

  2. Totally off the subject, but just wanted to know if you’ll be covering the sheep to shawl competition at the Farm Show again this year – people are already asking me!!!!

    • Yes, as long as no one tells me I can’t, or physically removes me from the arena, I will be live-blogging S2S in 2010. I’m crawling back to life… keep reading…

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