2010 PA Farm Show

OK, maybe I’m not done yet…

Click here for the PA Dept. of Agriculture’s press release about the Sheep To Shawl contest.
Click here for the press release about the Fleece To Shawl contest.

And one more picture, taken by Libby Beiler of Team Time Warp:

Your friendly neighborhood blogger... yarnyMarni!

Here are the pictures I took on my 3rd day at the 2010 PA Farm Show.  It seemed to me that the quilting pieces were plentiful, but not so the knit/crochet/weaving pieces. But here ya go:

Some quilts:

This one's my daughter's favorite.

Some handspun yarn:
I think I remember seeing this pattern in a recent issue of an Interweave knitting magazine (or was it Vogue Knitting… ?).  It’s just stunning… and it took 1st place.
Recognize this lady?  Team Treadlers Thru Time had a booth where they showcased handspun yarn and all that you can make with it.
They were also demonstrating spinning and weaving to young and old:

That's my girl, learning how to spin... I'm so proud!

And while I admit I couldn’t possibly photograph it all, what would a trip to the Farm Show be without…

The butter sculpture! 1000 lbs of butter that will be turned into biodiesel.

And that, my friends, is the end of my 2010 PA Farm Show coverage.  Thanks for checking it out!

Another correction:  Fleece To Shawl team Woolie Trekkers are from Lebanon County, not Lancaster, where they are their county’s Fiber Arts Club.  Many thanks for the update – I’ve corrected it below in the team’s bio as well.

And… here are the shawl descriptions for the Fleece To Shawl contestants.  The Sheep To Shawl shawl descriptions are on the main page (my apologies to the F2S teams – I just couldn’t post this fast enough!).

Tri-County Twisted Treadlers:  Autumn in Pennsylvania:  Our shawl is woven in a broken twill pattern created entirely with our own handspun warp using Pennsylvania raised Blue Faced Leicester sheep owned by team member Rose Lester along with some Border Leicester fleece.  As a team we worked together to come up with our theme for this year’s competition.  Although an infinite number of options were possible we decided to focus on the spectacular color and texture that autumn in Pennsylvania provides.  We felt that we could utilize a broken twill pattern to emphasize the texture of the season while varying our warp colors to represent the leaves falling from the trees throughout our counties.  We all worked together to measure and dye the warp threads after spinning enough fiber.  As a close-knit team we also worked together to warp the loom and design our display.  We are proud to present the farm show audience with the work we have created.  All proceeds from the resulting shawl will go directly back to the Tri-County 4H Fiber Arts Club to purchase equipment and supplies.

East Berlin Bountiful Bobbins:  The warp for our shawl embodies the natural pigments found in nature.  The shawl’s arrangement of colors reflect Fibonacci’s golden ratio found in many natural forms in our world.

Fort Freeland Flickers:  The theme for our shawl is “Pennsylvania Barns”.  We were inspired by the colors of the barns around us.  Team members took photos of barns throughout the State.  Our handspun warp represents the warm colors of the barns and the weft represents the subdued mortar lines of the stone foundations.

Woolie Trekkers:  The final frontier.  These are the voyages of the starship Woolie Trekkers.  Its one year mission: to explore strange new wools, to seek out new life-long friends and new civilizations; to boldly spin where no one has woven before.  Weaving lace at warp speed from a Jacob sheep and dilithium crystals, these intrepid trekkies will create the fabric of time and space.  It is where light and dark matters mesh and black holes form.  Sale proceeds from this entirely handspun enterprise go to the Lebanon County 4H Fiber Arts Club where we are an equal opportunity club for all alien species.

Warrior Run Weavers:  Our theme for the 2010 PA Farm Show is farming in Pennsylvania.  All of us have farming genes (or jeans!) spanning generations.  Agriculture is a big part of Pennsylvania’s heritage and ours as well.  The natural colors in our hand-spun warp include a fleece purchased at the 2009 Farm Show.  The weaving pattern reminds us of tractor tire tracks in the fields.

I went over to the 2010 PA Farm show site this evening, trying to wend my way through their search criteria to find the winners of the knitting/crocheting/quilting/weaving/spinning/etc. contests.  It was not easy.  So here’s the link, so you don’t suffer as I did.

Yesterday was the official start of the 2010 PA Farm Show, as I’m sure you all know, which means that certain competitions have now taken place.  Here’s a link to the official press release, complete with contest results, news, and other bits of information.  This one is particularly noteworthy for all us fiberholics – note the 2nd honoree.

Correction:  please see the Treadlers Thru Time bio below for the correct team listing.  My apologies to the team for not proofreading the material more thoroughly!

Score!!!  It’s my pleasure to present to you:  every team bio for this year’s Fleece To Shawl and Sheep To Shawl contests, courtesy of tireless contest organizer Joanne Evans.  Many thanks to her for this info.


Welcome to the 3rd Pennsylvania State Farm Show Youth Fleece to Shawl Competition
Wednesday, January 13, 2010
10:00 AM Official start of the contest
Judging of the fleeces
Spinning & Weaving begins
11:00 AM Question & Answer Time
1:00 PM  Judging of the shawls
1:30 PM  Presentation of Awards –Secretary Russell Redding
6:30 PM  Auction of shawls from both Fleece to Shawl & Sheep to Shawl

*** Auction of fleeces to follow the shawl auction ******

2010 Fleece to Shawl Teams

Tri County Twisted Treadlers
Lebanon/Lancaster/Dauphin Counties
Jen Bauer- Carder
Ashley Shaw-Spinner
Irina Lawrence-Spinner
Megan Klawitter-Spinner
Alex Norris-Weaver

The Tri-County Twisted Treadlers are all members of the Tri-County 4H Fiber Artists Club established in May 2009.  Since the inception of our club, we have enjoyed demonstrating spinning and weaving throughout the county while also raising money for our club.  Many members actively exhibit their work in county fairs and have met with outstanding success.  Members also love to share their talents with anyone, young or old, who want to learn about the fiber arts.  In addition to spinning , weaving, knitting, dyeing and felting, many members own, raise and breed their own fiber animals, including sheep and Angora rabbits.  In addition to our fiber arts awards, several members have received awards for the quality fiber animals they raised in addition to being noted for meritorious showmanship.  Overall , the team has been involved in various 4H clubs in Pennsylvania, whether animal or fiber arts, for many years.

East Berlin Bountiful Bobbins
Adams County
Rachael Stoner-Carder
Careena Emrich-Spinner
Leah Martin-Spinner
Nicole Benkert-Spinner
Daisey Bresin-Weaver
Dorothy Marquet-Alternate

The East Berlin Bountiful Bobbins is a part of the East Berlin 4-H Fiber Club that meets monthly at the Mannings Handweaving School and Supply Center.  Our team consists of a group of enthusiastic fiber artists ranging in age from ten to fifteen.  We have  been together for approximately one year.

Fort Freeland Flickers
Lycoming, Montour  & Union Counties
David Weaver-Carder
Katy Watson-Spinner
Emma Olshefski-Spinner
Megan Webster-Spinner
Erin Webster-Weaver

Fort Freeland Flickers takes the name from a local historical fort from the Revolutionary War.  We work as apprentices for the local heritage society demonstrating various crafts and trades of the period.  Erin, Emma, Katie, Megan and David are from Lycoming , Montour, and Union counties in North Central PA.

The Woolie Trekkers
Lebanon  County
Miriam Villanueva-Carder
Anna Lehman-Carder
Joseph Goodpaster-Spinner
Lizzie villaneuva-Spinner
Angela Villanueva-Spinner
Luciano Abbarno-Weaver

The Woolie Trekkers:  The last time we saw Harry Mudd he was in trouble with tribbles.  But then he got an idea watching the Royal Castle Spinners compete at the 2009 Fleece to Shawl event.  So he beamed them aboard his ship (which he re-named in their honor) the U.S.S. Woolie Trekkers.  Together they have been demonstrating all year at historic mansions and farm festivals throughout Lebanon County.  People who see Harry’s tribbles with the team at community days quite often mistake them for Angora Rabbits.

Warrior Run Weavers
Clinton, Northumberland, & Montour Counties
Kyle Whitmoyer-Carder
Blyss Bieber-Spinner
Abby Heggenstaller-Spinner
Lydia Smith-Spinner
Emily Smith-Weaver

The Warrior Run Weavers began the Fleece to Shawl journey in March 2009.  We are Abby, Blyss, Emily, Kyle and Lydia and we come from  Montour, Northumberland and Clinton Counties in North-Central PA.  We all serve as apprentices in Warrior Run-Fort Freeland’s Heritage Society program.  We enjoy having fun, making new friends and learning new skills.  We practice in the barn and on the porch at our coaches’ farm.


Welcome to the 31st Pennsylvania State Farm Show Sheep to Shawl Competition
Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3:00 PM Official start of the contest
Shearing of the sheep
Judging of the shearing and fleeces
5:30 PM  Conclusion of the Contest
Judging of the shawls
6:00 PM  Presentation of Awards
6:30 PM  Auction of shawls from both Fleece to Shawl & Sheep to Shawl

*** Auction of wool fleeces follows shawl auction***

Tom Calvert:
Born & raised on a sheep farm, Tom has worked with and raised sheep all of his life.  His shearing expertise comes from shearing each season since his freshman year in high school.  Tom has judged wool at national shows including the American Royal in Kansas City.  Retired from service with USDA (Farm Service & NRCS) Tom contributes heavily to the PA Sheep & Wool Growers including holding the President’s position.  Tom currently resides with his wife, LeeAnne, on their sheep farm in Somerset County.

Kathy Davidson:
Kathy learned to spin over twenty years ago and from that interest, came her love of sheep.  She started with a flock of three and has over seventy five sheep today.  Her flock includes Bluefaced Leicester and Shetlands.  Their fleeces are used to produce roving and yarn for her fiber  business.  Hand dyed, multicolored roving is a specialty.

Kris Peters:
Kris, who learned to spin and weave in 1975 at Fallbrook House and The Mannings, has worked as a production weaver for a clothing designer and has been a member of several sheep-to shawl teams as designer, spinner and weaver.  She keeps a few sheep with lovely hand-spinning fleeces on her family’s small farm near Spring Grove.

Susan Withnell:
Susan comes to us from Westminster, Maryland where she raises Border Leicester sheep and German Angora rabbits.  From the fiber arts studio in her home (Ewes-ful Fiber Arts) she produces handspun, handwoven and felted items for sale at craft shows including the prestigious Waterford Craft Show in historic Waterford, Virginia.  A full time kindergarten teacher, Susan also bring fiber arts to children in an after school fiber arts club as well as an annual summer camp.  She teaches handspinning at her studio to students ranging in age from 8-67!

2010 Sheep to Shawl  Teams

Dream Weavers
Northumberland County
Jack Smith- Shearer
Abby Schrack- Spinner
Carol Chaapel- Spinner
Joanna Smith- Spinner
Frances Appleman-Weaver
Wayne Appleman- Carder

Dream Weavers: This team came together around a youth fleece-to-shawl team who looked like they were having so much fun it was irresistible to join them.  Our team is comprised of people who take the phrase “in your dreams!” as a challenge to master new accomplishments.

Time Warp
(please see below, 01/04/2010, for bio.)

Treadlers thru Time
Lancaster County
Matt Geissinger – Shearer
Ellen Anderson – Spinner
Irina Lawrence – Spinner
Kathy Kenworthy – Spinner
Tina Volz -Weaver
Jeri Robinson-Lawrence – Carder

The Treadlers Thru Time is a Sheep to Shawl team of friends from Lebanon, Lancaster and Berks Counties.  Tina Volz, our weaver, has been weaving for over fifteen years.  Our spinners, Ellen Anderson, Irina Lawrence and Kathy Kenworthy, have all been spinning for many years along with our carder, Jeri Robinson-Lawrence.  Ellen lives on a farm raising sheep, angora goats, and angora rabbits.  She also boards sheep for  Irina and Jeri who are wanna-be farmers.  Kathy also lives on a farm raising angora rabbits and alpacas.   These five ladies and our shearer-Matt Geissinger  have competed in numerous sheep to shawl contests but their real enjoyment comes from doing local demonstrations to educate the public about the fiber arts and teaching youth how to spin and weave.

Friends Thru Fiber
Franklin & Adams Counties
Dan Dailey – Shearer
Joyce Mellott – Spinner
Jill Schooley – Spinner
Julie Shindle- Spinner
Michelle Lushbaugh – Weaver
Beth Skroban-Carder

Friends Thru Fiber: Friends Thru Fiber has worked as a team since the summer of 2008.  This is our second Farm Show competition.  We also participated in the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this past spring.  Our team consists of Dan, our shearer, who has been shearing for 39 years.  All of us spin and weave and we even have several very good knitters.  Julie raises sheep, and Jill and her husband have an alpaca farm in Waynesboro.  Two other teammates, Joyce and Beth, raise both sheep and alpacas.  Michelle has several friends that give her plenty of sheep and alpaca fleeces yearly.  We have continued to provide community education, demonstrating at the Twin Bridges Antique Tractor Festival and National Alpaca Farm Days.  This year we opened our monthly fleece to shawl practices to anyone interested in learning more about this art.  It’s been a friendly way to share our love of fiber with others in our own community.

Butler County Pedalers
Dauphin Gutekunst-Shearer
Linda Gross-Spinner
Susan Rex-Spinner
Carol Buttignol-Spinner
Donna Fike-Weaver
Marilyn Merbach-Carder

The Butler County Pedalers represent the Butler County Spinners and Weavers Guild in Western Pennsylvania.  The Guild exists to promote the crafts of spinning, weaving and fiber through education and demonstration.  Our members rotate through the sheep to shawl team allowing all the opportunity to share their talents and work together to produce wonderful shawls.  All proceeds from the competition are returned to the guild to further the education and training of members.  We sponsor premiums for 4H entries in a hand spinning class at our local farm show. Our guild celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2007.  We are proud to say that we have participated in the PA  Farm Show Sheep to Shawl competition every year since its inception with the exception of three years.

Alright,  time to get to know one of the teams.  The following is a press release from Team Time Warp.  Many, many thanks to Libby Beiler, Time Warp’s weaver and an invaluable source for all things fleecy:

Time Warp (formerly “Carl and the Not So Lazy Kates”, representing Montour County, is back for its eighth consecutive year of competition at the Farm Show sheep to shawl event.  Once again, our team has evolved, and hopes to create a unique, one-of-a-kind shawl for this year’s competition.

Team members include our sensational shearer, Carl Geissinger; spinner/knitter extraordinaire, Ruth Ruch; spinner/weaver/felter, Ivy Allgeier; carder Jeff Johnstonbaugh; and weaver, Libby Beiler.  New to the team this year, is spinner Kathy Dashner, who works as a technical writer for Woolrich, Inc.

Our competition sheep will once again be Bear, the Shetland.  A veteran competitor, this is his 5th appearance at the Farm Show.

As always, the team likes to keep its theme for our shawl design “under wraps” until the day of the competition.  Always a popular event, the sheep to shawl competition draws a big crowd of fiber enthusiasts, so if you have the opportunity to come watch it, please do!

Bear the Shetland gets a bath. Libby and Duncan Beiler make it look easy!


Happy New Year, my friends.

Sorry I’ve been away so long.  I’ll be posting a little about that on the main page.  But keep watching this space for the next week for news about the upcoming 31st Annual Sheep To Shawl Contest at the 2010 PA Farm Show.

In other words, I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack…

6 responses to “2010 PA Farm Show

  1. Ivy Allgeier

    Great coverage! Thanks!

  2. Marni, you ROCK! Love the Turkey Hill cow photo, too…!

  3. Hi Marni!

    So glad you are doing this again! Each year your coverage gets better and better! Thank you for the complete team bio’s!… appreciate the work done by organizer Joanne Evans.

    Let the games begin!

  4. I’m excited about you blogging this event! My mom is Kathy, from the Time Warp team. I live in Alaska now, but I’m so excited about this event, and now I can follow it! 🙂

  5. Richard Mote

    I am excited to see all the men taking part in this event, especially the young men in the youth event. As one of only three males in the Susquehanna Valley Spinners and Weavers Guild I hope these young men continue with their spinning and weaving in the future.

  6. Cheryl

    My sister was on the Friends thru Fiber team. I live far away and was not able to see the event except thru the computer. Thanks for the coverage.

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