Searching For My Holy Grail.

You gotta love the first day back to work after a holiday respite.  Hundreds of new email in your Inbox, a pile of paperwork you successfully ignored before the holidays, and lots of cranky coworkers who are about as cheery and bright as you are.  How does one segue back into a more productive frame of mind?  By calling the PA Department of Agriculture, of course!

For the past 3 years at about this time, I call the Dept. of Ag‘s press secretary, re-introduce myself and describe what it is I want to do at the Sheep to Shawl contest (“It’s a live-blog event… with pictures and commentary and… what’s that?  Yes, I do this for fun… no, really…”).  In 2008 and 2009, I was told, “Sure!  Come on down!” and that was that.  This year, I was told, “We’ll get back to you.”

*Gulp*. Get back to me?  As in, “We’ll think about it, maybe yes, maybe no”?  Yikes.  What if they say thanks but no thanks?  I was given the day off from work.  I’ve told a ton of people I’d be there, doing my bloggy thing.  I even raveled about it.  What if they ban me from the contest???

Fear not, dear readers.  I have secured the contact info of the Sheep to Shawl contest organizer, who, if I’m reading my email correctly, is open to my being present on the competition floor.  Please send good vibes my way so that this may be true, and I may be granted that coveted, sacred object that tells the world, “I’m in!”:  the Farm Show Press Kit.

While we wait for tomorrow to come,  please take a look at my 2010 PA Farm Show page for the first of what I hope will be many team biographies – this one is from Team Time Warp.


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