Welcome to the 2010 PA Farm Show Fleece/Sheep To Shawl Contest!

1:48 pm
Let me just say, these kids in the Fleece To Shawl Contest are the nicest, most wonderful bunch ever.  The Fort Freeland Flickers just came over to thank me for doing my bloggy thing today.  I’m still blushing.

1:42 pm
OK, I’m going to start a new post for the Sheep To Shawl Contest in just a bit.  But just one more picture:

The winners, for the 3rd year in a row: Fort Freeland Flickers!

1:30 pm
And the winners of the 3rd Annual Youth Fleece To Shawl Contest are…

(First some words from our Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding)
Fleece Award:  Fort Freeland Flickers
Teams Choice Award:  Twisted Treadlers
Weavers Award:  Warrior Run Weavers
Premium Spinning Group Award:  Twisted Treadlers
5th Place:  Woolie Trekkers
4th Place:  Twisted Treadlers
3rd Place:  Warrior Run Weavers
2nd Place:  Bountiful Bobbins
1st Place:  Fort Freeland Flickers

1:26 pm
Almost time to announce the winners… the crowds are gathering again…

1:18 pm
Team Time Warp’s sheep is in da house!

Bear the Shetland

1:10 pm
There’s no doubt about it.  Everything tastes better at the Farm Show.

1:03 pm
The arena floor is almost completely bare – amazing how quickly the teams moved their gear out.  The crowds are ebbing and flowing through the space.  The Fleece To Shawl team members are off in the stands, talking to friends and curious bystanders. And I’m starving.  There’s a sweet potato calling to me…

12:51 pm
The Fleece To Shawl teams are cleaning up, the judges are still judging… and I need a little break… be right back!

12:48 pm
Team Warrior Run Weavers are finished!  The contest is OVER!  Judging and awards presentation is at 1:30 pm.

12:47 pm
Thirteen minutes left to the contest.  Go, Warriors, go!!!

12:45 pm
Just a note – I saw a lot of videotaping going on for some of these teams.  I don’t know what they’re planning to do with it, but maybe a quick search on YouTube in the next few days might show some live Fleece To Shawl action.

12:40 pm
… and Team Bountiful Bobbins is finished!

Team Warrior Run Weavers is almost done…

The whole team is helping to fringe their shawl.

12:35 pm
Team Bountiful Bobbins is almost done…

Finishing up the shawl... almost there...

12:33 pm
The judges are judging…

12:29 pm
Team Twisted Treadlers are finished!  Third team done!

12:26 pm
Another neighbor is safely penned… this is Team Dream Weaver’s sheep:

12:22 pm
Some comedian in the stands behind me has a light pen, and is having a grand ol’ time shining the thing right onto my computer screen.  Sigh.

12:19 pm
Team Woolie Trekkers is finished!  Second one done!

12:18 pm
Team Fort Freeland Flickers is finished!  First one done!

12:14 pm
Long shot of Team Bountiful Bobbins:
Same for Team Twisted Treadlers:

12:13 pm
Team Fort Freeland Flickers is finishing up… !

12:10 pm
YESSSSSSS!!! A spectator just asked me if I knew where the butter sculpture was!!!

12:08 pm

Team Twisted Treadlers shawl

Team Fort Freeland Flickers shawl

12:04 pm
Let’s try this again…

Team Warrior Run Weavers shawl. The weave pattern looks like tractor tire tracks - very cool.

12:00 pm

Yep, having technical difficulties… just lost a whole post with pictures.  Please stand by… oh, and I was mistaken before.  There is  now 1 more hour to go before this contest is over.

11:44 am
Carder Jen Bauer of Team Twisted Treadlers:
Team Bountiful Bobbins, measuring up:

11:35 am
BAAAAAAAAAAA!!! More neighbors are moving in – Team Friends Thru Fiber‘s sheep Tiger Lily is checking out her quarters…

Check out her babushka!

11:30 am
Team Woolie Trekkers pedalin’ away… !

OK, it's a silly shot, but I love the toe socks on the left.

11:24 am
I must look very official sitting here at my computer.  A very perky girl with PCN emblazoned across her chest just came over to ask my permission to enter the arena.  I told her to ask the organizers… hee hee hee

11:21 am
A couple of spectators were talking about the kids just now.
“I heard this is a practice for the Sheep To Shawl contest.”

I corrected them:
“No no no no no no no!  This is a real competition!!!”

11:16 am

Carder Kyle Whitmoyer of Team Warrior Run Weavers:

11:13 am
Today’s judges (3 out of 4 of ’em):  Kathy Davidson, Kris Peters, and Susan Whitnell. I’ll try to get Tom Calvert’s pic later…

11:07 am
Weaver Luciano Abbarno of Team Woolie Trekkers:
Carder Rachael Stoner and weaver Daisey Bresin of Team Bountiful Bobbins:

11:01 am
There’s a nice crowd watching the kids do their fleecy thing.  Once in a while you hear a group of spectators cheer their team on.  One hour down, one hour to go…

10:58 am
The judges are walking around, making notes about the kids’ work…

10:56 am
Weaver Alex Norris of Team Twisted Treadlers:
David Weaver (carder), Katy Watson (spinner), and Erin Webster (weaver) of Fort Freeland Flickers:

10:45 am
Team Warrior Run Weavers spinners:  Blyss Bieber, Abby Heggenstaller, and Lydia Smith.

10:42 am
Team Woolie Trekkers not only look cool, they’re acting cool.  They’re just doing their thing, chatting and laughing with each other – just as it should be.

10:38 am
Weaver Erin Webster of Team Fort Freeland Flickers.

10:35 am
Here’s a great shot of one of the Bountiful Bobbins‘ spinners in action.  This is NOT easy, although she makes it look like she’s been doing this forever (maybe she has… ?).

10:31 am
The lovely spinners of Team Twisted Treadlers:  Ashley Shaw, Irina Lawrence, and Megan Klawitter (but probably not in that order):10:26 am
Just look at the colors of Team Bountiful Bobbins shawl!

This is Daisey Bresin, weaver for Team Bountiful Bobbins.

10:23 am
Please, everyone, send good vibes my way so that I won’t have any technical difficulties.  My computer is acting slooooooower than usual.  It’s scaring me.

10:19 am

The Woolie Trekkers are at the wheel... ? Helm... ?

10:18 am

Team Fort Freeland Flickers.

Emily Smith, Team Warrior Run Weavers weaver.

10:13 am
I’m happy to report that this year, the large garage doors off the Sales Arena are blissfully CLOSED.  Last year they left them open, and the wind blew through our little area all day… yeeeesh.  Much better this year (still chilly, though…).

10:02 am
And they’re off!  Teams are carding their fleece, some spinning has begun as well.

Team Bountiful Bobbins carding away.

All member of Twisted Treadlers are carding.

9:56 am
4 minutes to go to the start of the Fleece to Shawl contest!

9:49 am
Oh… I forgot to mention, keep hitting that Refresh button to get my latest posts!

9:46 am
Just got a copy of the Fleece To Shawl contest’s pamphlet.  It lists the team bios (which I’ve got on the 2010 PA Farm Show page), shawl descriptions (which I’ll post at some point), and a great explanation of the contest and how it’s judged.  I’ll post that at some point, too, but it may not be until after the contest – too much typing!

9:45 am
Team Warrior Run Weavers:
Team Bountiful Bobbins relax before the contest:

9:33 am
Team Warrior Run Weavers‘ display:

"Farming In Pennsylvania"

Team Woolie Trekkers display:

"The Final Frontier". The kids are wearing Star Trek costumes... how cool is that???

9:17 am
The display for Team Twisted Treadlers:

Autumn In Pennsylvania

… and Team Fort Freeland Flickers with their display:

Their theme is "Pennsylvania Barns"

9:07 am
So I thought I was going to run all the way to the other side of the Farm Show to hit the Food Court before the Fleece To Shawl contest started.  I was deluded.  Even now, with the light crowds and slower pace of a Farm Show morning, there’s just no way I’m gonna haul myself over there.  So I’ll do as I did last year – make do with the mini Food Court on this side of the place.  Mmmmmm… powdered potato doughnuts…

8:53 am

Team Twisted Treadlers' loom

8:50 am
My first neighbor of the day has arrived…

This is Team Treadlers Thru Time's sheep.

8:40 am
Team East Berlin Bountiful Bobbins‘s display makes me think of warmer days.

They're going with a Garden theme for their shawl - beautiful!

8:30 am
Team Fort Freeland Flickers are setting up…

They were last year's Fleece To Shawl champs

8:17 am
Good morning, fellow sheep, shawl, and all things fiber-y lovers out there.  I’m here in the Sales Arena at the Farm Show complex, setting up for the days events.  The Fleece To Shawl teams are arriving and setting up, as well.  There’s a definite “calm before the storm” feeling in here.  Get ready for a great day!


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  1. Awesome photos!
    Another great year of play-by-play (bobbin-by-bobbin) coverage!

  2. Great Job!
    Awesome Coverage!

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