PA Farm Show, Take 2…

Yesterday was Family Nite at the Farm Show.  My husband, daughter and I trekked over, fought through the crowds to get our milkshakes, then made our way through the exhibits.  My mission was a simple one:  take photos of quilts, knitting, crochet, etc. to put up on the blog.  Easy.

Well… not so easy if your camera needs to be recharged.  Mission totally not accomplished.

So what’s an intrepid fiber blogger to do?  The answer is simple, and a tad on the warped side after spending 12+ hours at the place on Wednesday (pun totally intended):  she heads back to the Farm Show.  To get her pictures.  And some batter-dipped veggies. And a quart of maple syrup…

I have to run out for a school function with my daughter.  But look on my 2010 PA Farm Show page later tonight for the pictures I took today.


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