Not Necessarily The Knitting.

The past couple of weeks, as you know, were very busy.  Work, family, blog, readying myself for the marathon that was Fleece/Sheep To Shawl… you know, typical busy stuff.  But there was something else, one of those little details of life that kept me up at night but was pushed to the side while F/S2S became a temporary, and welcome, distraction:

Bilateral medial rectus recession.

Which means, “Your daughter needs eye surgery.”

Remember this picture?

Look closely... what's wrong with this picture?

Here’s another one:

Do you see it now?

My daughter was diagnosed with strabismus (lazy eye) almost a year ago.  She was also very farsighted (I blame Dad for that).  So she started wearing glasses, which took care of both problems at the same time – her lazy eye didn’t have to work so hard to focus, so it went away.  Until a few months ago.  That’s when the glasses weren’t helping the eye to focus anymore.  Three doctor visits later, and she’s scheduled for corrective surgery.  On Groundhog Day, no less.

The surgical procedure is common.  The risks are minimal.  The recovery period, extremely short.  But I’m the mom, so you’re gonna have to deal with my being a little scared and upset.

So… by the time Punxsutawney Phil makes his way into the light, we’ll already be on our way home from the hospital with our beautiful daughter.  And if all goes as it should, we won’t be repeating that day anytime soon.


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