Midwinter Inspiration.

Ughhhhhh… what a gray, rainy, cold, and generally icky day it is today.  You’d think it would be a great day to get some knitting done, which I did, but I gotta say, I’m getting bored with my current project.  It’s almost done – 2 more balls of yarn to go – but I’m really in the mood for something new.  Maybe for Spring.  And definitely for me.

I typically find a lot of inspiration on ravelry.  If you’re not, um… ravelling (?!), and you’re into fiber, get yourself over there immediately.  Check out the Bobby Award nominees – I laughed harder than I have in a long time reading through the Funniest Project Title/Tag/Notes category.

Interweave Knits Winter/Spring 2010 Knitscene magazine is excellent – just like every other Knitscene magazine they’ve published.  Will there ever be a time when I finish my WIPs exactly when a new issue comes out so I can immediately start one of their awesome projects?  I really have to plan better.

One more… I get a lot of yarn company’s newsletters in my inbox.  I read them, take a few mental notes, then hit the delete button.  The last email from S. Charles Collezione (from Tahki Stacy Charles) made me stop in my tracks.  Gorgeous!

Anyone else fiber-optically inspired these days?


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