Olympic Status.

One week down, one week to go… how’s everyone doing with their Olympic Knitting?  I started off strong, easily knitting 8 rows/day, but fell behind mid-week after a particularly grueling night at the gym.  You may be thinking, “why is 8 rows per day so challenging?” I probably should have explained this better in my last post.  The answer is, because 1 row = 121 stitches in my shawl pattern, which calls for a 4-row repeat.  So my goal was to complete 2 repeats, or 968 stitches, per day. That’s a lot for me… and I’m kind of a slow knitter.  And now I’ve got another goal – one way or another, I want to have this thing done by mid-April.  I want to wear it to a formal dinner I’ll be attending with my husband.

So… we here at yarnyMarni HQ have been watching a lot of Olympic events, but nothing has excited our nerdish tendencies more than Men’s and Women’s Curling. About time people were recognized for high-caliber sweeping, eh?  What’s everyone else watching?


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