A Little Knitting, A Little Politics.

So, now that the Olympics, and the Knitting Olympics, are over, what has yarnyMarni been up to?

  • Still working on the Superior Lace Shawl.  It’s so close… I’d say I’m about 75% finished now.  I reeeeeeeally love it, and <bonus!!!> according to the Spring issue of Vogue Knitting, lace is, like, so in this season.  Sadly, this also means that I’ve been working on this thing so long that it started off being in style, then it went out of style, and now it’s back in style again…
  • I’ve officially “donated” a handknit sweater to my daughter’s school’s annual auction event.  I say “donated” because it’s not actually knit yet – it’ll be a custom-made, custom-sized garment for the lucky winner.  I’m very curious to see how much it goes for… let the furious bidding war begin!
  • Is it me, or is everyone getting sick these days?  I feel like I’ve spent way too much time working from home, nursing myself back to health after being hit with both stomach flu and regular flu.  It would  be easy to blame this on the 4-year old daughter, but she’s only responsible for the stomach flu part, not the achy, feverish mess of  a coughing, stuffy flu I’m suffering from right now. And the worst part?  I was too sick to prop myself up in bed and knit.  What a waste of a day off.

Now for the politics part.  These days, it seems necessary to get your national news fix from a few different sources, just to balance out any bias that may filter its way in. For me, that means reading 2 newspapers, watching 3 news channels, and listening to 1 news radio station.  But there is one channel, and particularly one show, that I will not tolerate.  The host singled me… me!… out for ridicule and contempt, and that, my friends, is not acceptable.  See for yourself.  And be careful… you may be singled out any day now, too.


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