I have been a very busy knitter.  After finishing my Gathered Mesh Polo, I had to finish up the Harrisburg Academy sweater for the lucky auction winner.  Then I had to get moving on… my homework.

When I received my Knitters’ Day Out catalog in the mail a few months ago, I decided right away that this year, I’d finally register for classes.  It took about a half an hour to read through the catalog and make my class choices:  New Ways to Knit, and Intro to Sweater Design with Numbers.  So I filled out my registration form and popped it back into the mail… the same day.  Hey, what can I say, I reeeeeeally wanted those classes, and I knew everything would fill up quickly.

Received my confirmation shortly afterwards… got my classes.  And then I had a lot of time – like, 2+ months.  So I worked on my sweater… and I worked on the auction sweater… and then suddenly I had only 1.5 weeks to:

  • Knit a child’s hat for the Caps for Kids donation;
  • Find a suitable ball of yarn, in my very messy and unorganized stash, to learn new knitting techniques with in my New Ways to Knit class;
  • Knit a 6″ x 6″ swatch, in a pattern of my choosing, to use in my Intro to Sweater Design class.  I had to make this difficult – I couldn’t decide between a lacy, chevron pattern, or regular stockinette.  So I did one of each.
  • Fanagle my budget enough so I could do some, but not too much, damage in the Knitter’s Market.
  • Make absolutely sure that no one would require my presence at my day job. Mine is typically a Monday through Friday kind of job, but we’ve been having… issues… lately.

I managed to have all of the above list done with 1 day to spare.  So off I went on Saturday, approximately 15 minutes down the road, to Enola, for what really was a true Day Out for me.

The day passed so quickly, but it was AWESOME!  I discovered that I really love Portuguese knitting (I even won a knitting pin, to be used while knitting in the Portuguese style, as a door prize), and that knitting Continental style isn’t hard, but I need to practice it.  I discovered that you don’t necessarily have to buy a ton of yarn at the Knitter’s Market to feel fulfilled – you can accomplish this by buying 3 magazines, 2 shawl pins, and a knitting journal.  I discovered that designing your own knitwear really isn’t rocket science… if you’re anyone else but me.  Seriously, it’s not too bad, but there’s a lot more to consider than I thought.  And Gwen Bortner is hysterically funny!

A great day… can’t wait ’til next year.  I wonder if there’s any way I can make room in my schedule to be a KDO volunteer… hmmmmmmmm


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