Swatch Crazy!

Hope everyone’s having a nice long holiday weekend.  Here in Central PA, the weather’s been kinda iffy all weekend – maybe it’ll rain, maybe it won’t – perfect for… swatching!

Using my lovely Symphony Lace sample, my goal was to a) figure out whether I’d be holding the yarn single or double for the Lace Jacket; and b) get gauge.  Here’s a sampling of my results:

Swatch with size 7 needles, yarn held double:

Pretty, but missing some of the lacy-ness I'm going for.

Swatch with size 10 needles (!!!), yarn held single:

This is closer to what I'm trying to do... but my gauge is off.

Swatch with size 6 needles, yarn held single:

Nope, this one's NOT working for me!

I don’t think the pictures really show it, but there’s a definite difference between holding this particular yarn single vs. double.  I like both, but for this project, I’m going with holding the yarn single.  It creates a lighter, airier fabric, with nice drape, which is what I’m looking for.  The doubled swatch is surprisingly dense, and a little too warm for its intended use.

And the winner is... Symphony Lace held single!

As far as gauge is concerned, looks like I have to work on that.  Five swatches were created, with 5 different needle sizes, yarn was held single and double… and every swatch IS EXACTLY THE SAME GAUGE.  Seriously.  20 yarnyMarni stitches in this partial lace pattern = 4″, no matter what.  This is a problem when the pattern’s calling for 12 stitches = 4″.  I wish I could explain this.  Can anyone out there explain this?  SOMEONE please explain this!!!!


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