Flood vs. KDO.

So I’m sure you’ve heard by now that my hometown is having quite a day.  The remnants of Tropical Depression Lee hit PA hard – rivers and creeks are overflowing their banks as I type, and evacuations have been ordered.  I’m fortunate that I’m living in a part of Harrisburg that won’t have to evacuate, although my basement is in danger of flooding if my sump pump fails.  It’s happened before. It’s not pretty.  My heartfelt sympathies to anyone who’s dealing with floodwater in their homes today.

The Sunken Gardens in Riverfront Park, Harrisburg, are living up to its name.

As I listen to the news, and await some friends-turned-refugees who are spending the night, I’m wondering about the Knitter’s Day Out conference, scheduled for this weekend… located just outside of flooded Wormleysburg.  I haven’t missed this conference since I started knitting, and I know I won’t be the only devastated yarnie if it gets cancelled.  Happily, the website says it’s still on… but, y’know, that could change.  Sigh… nothing to do but wait.  I hate waiting.  So… time to figure out those crazy YOs on the Norfolk Ramblers

Any updates on KDO or the flood, please feel free to post it here, and I’ll Tweet and/or Facebook it.

(is Facebook a verb yet?)


* picture by Scott Detrow


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