My Favorite Things Today.

Or, My Favorite Things Today and Adjacent To Today:

Favorite KDO Moment:  As if KDO wasn’t great all on its own, later that night I checked my blog stats.  More than 320 of you checked out yarnyMarni Central!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

Favorite Tweet:  This link was retweeted by the incomparable Amy at Knitty.  Please do yourself the favor of clicking through… you won’t be disappointed.  Promise.

Favorite Read(s):  Usually I read exactly 1 book at a time, but at the moment I’m getting through 2 books and 5 magazines.  All on the same topic… except this one.  It just fascinates me, okay?

Favorite Blog Post:  Mine, of course.  No really… check this one.  So funny… and SO true.

Favorite Real-World Event:  My daughter auditioned for, and was accepted into, her school’s orchestra group.  She’s the youngest violinist of the bunch.  Go honey go!!!


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