Faith Restored.

A couple of nights ago, for whatever reason, I was feeling overwhelmed with insignificance.  I was having one of those days when no matter what you do, you just feel lost in the crowd.  Before I went to bed, I peeked in on my sleeping daughter and thought, “No matter how unimportant you’re feeling, here’s one person who never sees you that way.”  I felt better.

Yesterday, I got an email from my friend Libby Beiler, weaver extraordinaire and owner of Mad About Ewes.  I haven’t spoken to her in many months, and seemingly out of the blue, there’s this email from her, telling me how much my live coverage of the PA Farm Show Sheep To Shawl Contest means to her and her family.  With many of her relatives scattered through different states, they can’t just turn on PCN to catch the action – they watch my blog.  I had no idea.  If I knew, I would’ve covered the event last year instead of wallowing in self pity and doubt.  That email was all I needed…

CALLING ALL PA FARM SHOW SHEEP/FLEECE TO SHAWL TEAMS!  If you’re competing in the 2012 events, please contact me at this site (leave a comment, I read them all).  I’d like to start posting team biographies ASAP, and maybe interview some teams as well. Also, any competitors in the Knitting/Crochet/Weaving/Quilting categories who’d like some free press, contact me in the same way.  I’m starting my Farm Show coverage early so I can get even more info out to everyone.  And generate some excitement!

I’m back… and with live video this year (I think.  I’m pretty sure I can make it work.  I’ll keep you posted!).



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4 responses to “Faith Restored.

  1. I love when that happens. When you need it the most, someone reaches out to you. Great post.

  2. Carlin

    That’s great! I’m a lurker, local to Harrisburg, who found your blog in looking up the Sheep to Shawl a few years back. And if I don’t make it to the Farm Show itself for the contest this year I definitely plan on following your liveblog. I intended to post a comment on your previous post but never quite made it (although I still have it flagged).

    Do you know where to find information about competing in any of the crafting categories you mentioned? I’m considering entering something but have never looked into it before and the Farm Show website is a bit confusing.

    • Thank you so much!!!

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any information yet about how one enters their craft(s) in the judging contests. Usually the PA Farm Show website is up by now, but this year, it isn’t. I’ve heard that some contests have to be won at a county fair-type level first, then you’re “invited” to enter the PA Farm Show. If/when I find out some info on that, I’ll post it here. Meanwhile, you could also try contacting the PA Department of Agriculture – someone there must know these things!

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