Hoarding For The Apocalypse: An Interview With Juniper Moon Farm’s Susan Gibbs.

Dateline:  Carlisle, PA.

Susan Gibbs, owner and shepherdess of Juniper Moon Farm, is chatting easily with patrons at the Yarn Garden.  She stands next to a long table covered with knitted cardigans, pullovers, armwarmers, and scarves, and excitedly invites everyone to try them on. “Oooh“s and “ahhh“s eminate from different corners of the Pomfret St. yarn shop as guests peruse the items and handle the skeins of colorful yarn that beg to be knit into something warm.  As the hearty assortment of cheese, wine, and desserts are being sampled, a guest casually asks about the origins of Juniper Moon Farm and its small but extremely versatile line of yarn.  The room grows quiet as Ms. Gibbs tells her story:

(I admit, I missed a couple of minutes of the discussion.  But I think you’ll get the gist.)

The conversation now breaks into small groups as friends catch up with each other and strangers compliment each other on their WIPs.  Everyone patiently waits their turn to speak with Ms. Gibbs, whose enthusiasm over sheep, goats, Maremmas, and, of course, yarn, is palpable and contagious.  Knitters head to the cash register in waves as their chosen JMF pattern books and yarn overflow their shopping baskets… or arms.  As the crowd thins a bit, the remaining knitters settle into the comfortable chairs and plush couches to knit, and chat… and listen.

(ok, a few things to remember.  I’ve never done a podcast before, so my recording mistakes are many… and sort of hilarious.  I really didn’t realize how very sensitive the microphone on my recording device was… I don’t really speak that loudly in person (do I?). Some background noises are easily explainable (door chimes, me coughing – sorry, my allergies are really bad right now), others… not so much, like that weird “chewing” noise.  Live and learn, right?)

As Ms. Gibbs folds and packs the trunk show into 2 large storage containers to be driven to Philadelphia, it’s hard not to feel a little more empowered, a little more self-assured, from listening to the stories of setback, more setback… then, success.  And who doesn’t like a happy ending?

(ok, so I don’t think journalism is in my future – I’ll leave that to the experts.  But I had fun while trying!)


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