Decisions, Decisions.

Got my first email promoting Vogue Knitting Live, New York.  A weekend of yarn-related classes, lectures, dinners, market-browsing, general schmoozing, and in NYC to boot.  Let me think about this… thinking… thinking… oh this is a tough one… yeah, I should probably go, shouldn’t I?  I mean, what kind of yarn blogger would I be if I didn’t go, right?  That would be wrong and irresponsible, neglecting such an event and therefore disappointing my vast, loyal readership who I know are depending on me to cover the events.  I couldn’t possibly let them, and myself, down by missing it.  And… why no, this has absolutely nothing to do with my missing VKLive in LA this past weekend and having to live it vicariously through Facebook and Twitter… nothing at all.  No, really, they’re completely unrelated.  Really.

Gonna go start packing…


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