The Bag Your Bag Could Be Like.

Hello, yarn people.  Look at your knitting bag.  Now look at mine.

Now look at your bag.  Now back to mine.

Sadly, your knitting bag isn’t mine, but it could be if you visited your LYS and bought one, especially if it’s on sale, like mine was.

Look down.  Where are you?  You’re lost inside this massive faux leather extravaganza, trying to remember if you were reaching for your WIP or your lip gloss.

Maybe Atlantis is in here...

Look again.  What’s that?  It’s a snap-out mini-clutch with 2 tickets to that thing you wanted your beloved to buy for your birthday but didn’t so you did and now you’re taking your BFF instead.

This mini-clutch is filled with diamonds.. Because...

…anything is possible when your bag is like my bag.

My bag's with a horse.



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4 responses to “The Bag Your Bag Could Be Like.

  1. I love the bag and your comments! LOL

  2. Carlin

    Quite clever….I don’t know if that commercial, or its parodies, will ever get old.

  3. notoriousjwc

    This post is the best thing ever! I can’t stop reading it and laughing! I totally want that bag now!

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