NYC Bound… And The Winner Is…

... socks for my child!

And after trolling through Ravelry, I found the pattern I’m going to use.

You’re wondering, why socks for your child?  Because it makes the most sense:

  • More portable;
  • Less bulky in The Bag Your Bag Could Be Like;
  • More likely to make a lot of progress on in a smaller amount of time;
  • Less fumbling with patterns and row counters and stitch markers and pencils;
  • More thank-yous, hugs, and kisses from my daughter, since, obviously, they’re for her;
  • Less annoyance if I mess up a bunch of times due to constantly chatting with fellow travelers.

So I guess you could say that, more or less, socks remain the best travel project (get it?  Get it… ?… never mind).  Thanks to all who voted… and, a very Happy I Love Yarn Day to all!

P.S.  So, you know how I’ve said that this NYC trip is kind of all about my daughter?  Well, there was one place that we were going to visit that was for me… but I just read that THEY’RE CLOSED THIS WEEKEND.  Why, Lion Brand Yarn Studio, why???  Fine.  I’ll go visit Knitty City instead.  And maybe String.  And maybe The Yarn Company.  Wait, who was this trip for again… ?



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3 responses to “NYC Bound… And The Winner Is…

  1. Ooohh …. New Socks. 🙂

  2. Jewish Holidays are probably the reason Lion Brand Studio is closed. Hope you have a wonderful time in my City of birth. There are lots of LYS just google manhattan!

  3. I hope you had a nice visit to NY and you come back and see us soon. Although we were closed on Friday Oct 14th for the Jewish holiday, and we are always closed on Saturday, we were open our regular hours on Sunday Oct 15th. Next time you’re heading to NY, you can always check our website in advance of your visit to see what special events, workshops, master classes, free groups, movie night etc are coming up, and if we have any special holiday closings. We always keep our hours up to date with any special closing notice on our home page:

    Hope you come and see us soon!

    Patty Lyons
    Studio Director, Lion Brand Yarn Studio.

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