NYC Recap.

I’m going to keep this post short because I’m still recovering from The Trip To NYC and need some serious knitting therapy that only my Cable Detail Sweater can provide.  So here goes:

We arrived in NYC via the Lincoln Tunnel and passed right in front of the Javits Center, which is hosting the New York Comic Con this weekend.  If this trip weren’t all about my daughter, I totally would’ve gone to this.  Because I like comic books and stuff, that’s why.  Moving on…

We met up with my mom at the American Girl Place, who I hadn’t seen in a while and missed terribly.  We went to the shop’s cafe for lunch, which was just lovely.

My daughter with her friends.


We then went out into the city to Times Square to see the sights, but were too early for the Occupy Wall St. sit-in.

... but not too early to meet up with SpongeBob.


We went to Rockefeller Center to see the skaters, however, it’s hard to maintain an ice rink when October feels like May.  So we went to visit the Lego Store.

Lego dragons make me smile. They'll make you smile, too.


Dinner, more walking, and a looooooooong bus trip home ensued.  All in all, a really fun and memorable day…

… despite not visiting a single yarn shop (gasp!  What’s up with that???), and only getting this far on the Socks For My Child:

It's a start.




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2 responses to “NYC Recap.

  1. Looks like it was a fun trip. Wish we could have met! Maybe next time.

  2. I would LOVE that!!! Still trying to get my act together for VKLive in January… maybe a meetup then… ? 🙂

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