Staring Obviousness In The Face, 24 Hours Later.

Ohhhhhhhh… this hurts…

The almost-finished Cable Detail Sweater.

I have to rip back.

The thing about Glen is that each skein fades from a darker hue to a lighter hue (or vice-versa… you know what I mean).  You have to be careful when joining a new skein to the work so that you don’t get an obvious line, like the one in that sleeve there on the right.

And, if ¾ of your work is matching up perfectly as far as shades of color is concerned, then really, you should probably make sure that the last ¼ matches up, too.  Otherwise… you end up thinking about it all day long while you’re at work as you try to convince yourself that no, really, it’s ok the way it is… it’s quirky!  It’s Random Acts Of Color!  It’s like tie-dye (that’s my daughter’s voice, right there)!  It’s… not at all what I was going for.  Why I didn’t come to this conclusion while I was actually knitting the sleeve is truly beyond me.

And so, with wine glass in hand, I shall spend the rest of my evening ripping back all that yoke-work and very probably the whole of the sleeve.  My only consolation is that my short-term goal was to finish this by month’s end, and even with all this ripping, I’m still on track to do that.  So… yay.  Hooray for me.  Hmph.

On A Much Brighter Note…

For anyone who’s looking for more 2012 PA Farm Show info on submitting crafts for judging, please read the wonderful Carlin’s comment on Monday’s post.  Many thanks for being a lot more vigilant about finding all that info than I was… I admit, I was so excited about the site being live that I kind of skimmed it a little too quickly.  As time permits, I’ll try to find out as much as I can to post here, but by all means, if you, faithful reader, find out anything, send it along!


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One response to “Staring Obviousness In The Face, 24 Hours Later.

  1. Aw, that’s quite sad about the colors. But whenever ripping back just keep in mind how awesome the final product with be!

    And thank you so much for calling me wonderful 🙂

    I’ll certainly leave a comment or send a message if I learn anything more.

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