A Brief Update.

  • Working furiously on re-knitting the sleeve of the Cable Detail Sweater.  Should be well on my way to re-joining the pieces and re-starting the yoke later today or tomorrow.
  • Entertaining my SIL (not the yarn store owner, my other one) this weekend as we await the big finale competition of the PA National Horse Show later this evening (PA… National?  So… is it PA, or is it National?  Or should it be “PA’s National…”?  Am I overthinking this?).  This SIL lives in Boston, attends grad school at Harvard and plays polo.  What can I say, I have interesting S’sIL.
  • Making plans to spend a whole day up at Mad About Ewes to interview Team Time Warp, who will be defending their championship title in the 2012 PA Farm Show Sheep To Shawl Contest in January.  I absolutely cannot wait to get up there – I’ve been meaning to visit for at least 2 years now, but my crazy schedule kept me away.  Many, many thanks to Libby Beiler and the rest of the team for allowing me to hang out with them.  Watch this blog for the interview!
  • Starting to put together some ideas on how to teach knitting to kids, without tantrums or frustration… for me or the kids.  I don’t know, it’s just something that’s been going through my head lately.
  • Still have to register for VKLive in NYC.  Hopefully this weekend.

I think that’s enough on the To-Do list for now.  Back to the sleeve…


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One response to “A Brief Update.

  1. Looks like a family obligation will take me away Saturday and Sunday the best class days of VLiveNY. Maybe the marketplace on Monday

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