#OHW (Occupy Halloween).

When I came to Pennsylvania a little over 10 years ago, I was well aware that I was in for a culture shock.  I’ll never forget my first taste of deer bologna (it wasn’t my last), the lack of decent clothing retailers (this has improved greatly), and… the enigma that is “Trick Or Treat Night”.

My first Halloween in Central PA was an incredibly bizarre experience, because multiple people had to explain to me that, while Halloween is, of course, on October 31st, there was something called “Trick Or Treat Night” which always takes place the Thursday before Halloween.  Or… the Wednesday before Halloween.  Or… some other day that isn’t Halloween, depending on what township you live in.

You see, here in Central PA, you can’t possibly have kids trick or treating on Halloween, because…

  • Gasp!  Kids might spend hours and hours roaming their neighborhoods for candy, and that’s just so unhealthy.
  • Horrors!  Kids might spend hours and hours roaming neighborhoods other than theirs for candy, and that’s just… unfair to all those kids who stay in their own neighborhoods.  It’s just so unfair.
  • Shocker!  Mischief Night!  What are we to do with all those deviant kids who want to throw rotten eggs at windows or decorate trees with toilet paper?  Never mind the fact that the police are already well-versed with Mischief Night antics and are out en masse that week, protecting the populace from eggs and toilet paper and anything else that might make you late for work the next morning.
  • WHAT IF HALLOWEEN FALLS… ON A WEEKEND???  In all of recorded history, truly there hasn’t been a catastrophe worse than allowing kids a full day of trick or treating.  They might start out as early as… 9?  10:00 am?  And they might go until… 8?  9:00 pm?  Think of all the doors they’d be knocking on, and all those people behind those doors they’d be bothering… unless, of course, they chose not to answer the door.  Or put up a “No Candy Here” sign.  Or something.  I mean, can you imagine… a whole day of trick or treating?  Sigh… I remember whole days of trick or treating when I was little… I believe it happened twice in my entire treat-seeking lifetime.  Twice.  Quelle horreur.

So today was the day.  Today, or this evening to be exact, was supposed to be “Trick Or Treat Night”… except that the township postponed it due to bad weather.  It’s been rescheduled… to October 31st.

Citizens of Central PA!:  Haven’t we had enough of this insane notion that kids can’t handle trick or treating on Halloween night?  Aren’t we tired of our Boards of Commissioners deciding if and when we can handle collecting candy with our children?  And aren’t we fed up with having to remember to stay home the Thursday before Halloween to dole out candy, but only between the hours of 6 and 8:00 pm?  Citizens of PA, I urge you to contact your local commissioners and tell them you’ve had enough.  We can handle trick or treating on Halloween.  We did it when we were kids, and our kids can do it now.

It’s time to Occupy Halloween (#OHW).  Who’s with me?



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3 responses to “#OHW (Occupy Halloween).

  1. robrubin

    Thankfully, we don’t have that problem here in NC. The kids will all be out on Monday..costumes and all, collecting all the candy they can fill in their little bags.

    Rob – http://www.themainland.net

  2. Haha.

    I grew up in a town towards Philly and Trick or Treat night was usually Thursday as well if memory serves. But then being a kid I think mostly I just went out whenever my parents told me to, so it doesn’t phase me much except for the difficulty of figuring out when one is supposed to be doing what.

    This is the first year being in my own house so I’d been watching to figure out what day Penbrook uses but couldn’t find anything. Then I asked the neighbor about how many kids to expect in preparation. Well it turns out that Penbrook doesn’t even have a Trick or Treat night, as there were too many ‘problems’.


    • Peter Voth

      Not only do municipalities in Pennsylvania schedule the date, but they actually try to schedule the TIME you can trick-or-treat, and they all do it differently. Some towns only allow trick-or-treating for one hour! Some towns have BANNED trick-or-treating completely. And the rest make you trick-or-treat within two hours, on the WRONG DAY. All of it causes confusion every year, as parents have to call the city to figure out when “Halloween” is. I have a friend in Pennsylvania, and he thinks this is completely normal. Is PA full of crusty old cranks, or what?

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