Snow In October: Why Bad, Why Good? Discuss.

I can only think of one thing that’s more bizarre than snow before Halloween, and that’s trick or treating on a day other than Halloween.  But I digress…

Why is snow in October bad?  Because if it falls on the day that you planned on traveling an hour north to lovely Milton, PA to interview a Sheep To Shawl team whose members happen to be the reigning champions of the Farm Show contest for the past 3 or 4 years, it’s really, really, really disheartening when such freakish snow cancels your plans.  But… while I missed my chance to interview the entire team as they practiced for the Farm Show contest (insert expletive here), I may still get the chance to hang out with the team’s weaver, Libby Beiler, sometime in the near future.  A good time and a great interview will ensue… keep watching here for details.

Why is snow in October good?  Because if it cancels your plans to travel to Milton, PA, you can always…

… finish your Cable Detail Sweater 

That sleeve on the right side was completely re-knit... much better now. I'll be wearing it tomorrow... WOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!

… sew a button on your husband’s suit jacket

Not as exciting as the sweater, but my husband was simply thrilled with my handiwork.

… sew an ear back onto your daughter’s stuffed animal

Atta boy, good dog!

… re-gather your Gathered Mesh Polo (it mysteriously un-gathered recently)

These gathers should hold for awhile... I hope...

… clean your house in preparation for your 2nd round of trick or treating with friends, clip coupons, pay bills, do laundry, go through email, post pictures on Facebook, and… write a new post for your blog.

A somewhat disappointing weekend, yes, but also rather productive, wouldn’t you say?  Here’s hoping that your plans weren’t similarly affected… along with the electricity.



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2 responses to “Snow In October: Why Bad, Why Good? Discuss.

  1. Well heck, I don’t know about anyone else but I’m impressed by what you accomplished!

  2. Carlin

    Very sad that you missed out on the interview opportunity but that is quite an impressive list of accomplishments in its place.

    Snow in October is in my humble opinion very bad. Well actually I don’t much care about the month I just don’t want it to snow on weekends when I have to work (which involves a couple thousand patrons generally being freaked out about the snow as well).

    Here’s hoping mother nature is just getting it out of her system early.

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