Victory! … Sort Of.

There are few things more satisfying than finishing a knitting project.  It’s such a rush to you hold your FO in your hands and marvel at its construction, its artistry, its awesomeness.

It's done! It's done! It's done!


Then you run up to your room to try it on, and… well, let’s do a little comparison.

Debbie Bliss's Cable Detail Sweater, worn by gorgeous model.

yarnyMarni's Cable Detail Sweater, worn by... yarnyMarni.













Clearly mine isn’t fitting like Debbie’s, and I have no idea why.  Because I… got… gauge.  I did.  I’m very careful about making gauge swatches, and in fact, I got gauge on this using smaller needles than what was called for.  Was there something wrong with the pattern?  No… no errata on Debbie’s website.  Was I measuring everything correctly?  Yes… measured all pieces multiple times, in inches and centimeters.  Am I lying to myself about my gauge?  NO.  Is Debbie lying to me about her gauge? Hmmmmm…  

Well… it’s still wearable.  It’s certainly warm and soft, so it’ll get a lot of play this winter.  But my next sweater pattern?  It’ll be fitted.


On A Lighter Note…

I used to listen fiendishly to knitting podcasts, but when they started to get too time-consuming, I gave up on all of them, all at once. I’ve decided to test the waters again, but I’m starting out slowly.  So today, I listened to Knit Purl Gurl‘s podcast, which I enjoyed a lot, but geez, what doesn’t this girl do?  She knits, she crochets, she sews, she writes patterns, she reviews yarn and books and needles and gets paid for it, she leads KALs… it’s kind of intimidating… and annoying… and unfair… andmanIwishIcouldbeher.

I also listened to Alana Dakos‘s Never Not Knitting podcast, Episode #60, which was an interview/Q&A between herself and knitwear designer Hannah Fettig.  They’re friends who live on opposite coasts but still managed to write a book together – Coastal Knits.  They answered a bunch of questions from Ravelry fans, and gave a lot of really good insight about their collaboration and design processes.  But before you run off to listen to Alana yourself, be warned:  Episode #60 was her last podcast. She’s having a baby, so there won’t be time for podcasts in the near future.  I understand that.  But why did this have to happen when I started listening… ?  Here’s hoping Alana finds the time to keep us posted on her knitting, designing, and growing family somewhere down the line.


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  1. I am sorry but I was sitting in my car when I looked at this post and I laughed. The sweater is beautiful just a tad too big.

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