TGIF. I Mean It.

This was a spectacularly bad week for me, so I’m looking forward to turning things around karmic-ly over the weekend.  After rescheduling twice, I’m visiting a spa for some relaxation time tomorrow – a little treat sponsored by the nice people at Groupon. Afterwards, since I’ll be in the neighborhood, I’m going to check out yarn-love, not because I need any more yarn or supplies at the moment, but because I’ve spent too much time saying, “I’ve really gotta check out yarn-love” and not actually doing it.  A full report will follow.

I’m gonna go cast on the Lace Jacket now, and maybe listen to another podcast… should I choose Belle of the Ball or Sticks and String… ?

Impossible lace project, here I come!


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  1. Hope this week is much better. Enjoy spa time

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