Love Yarn? You’ll Love Yarn-Love.

Aaaaaaaaahhhh… that’s better.  My spirit has healed quite a bit after the day I had today.

I started at Park Avenue Salon and Spa where I treated myself to a massage, facial, and new makeup.  Getting there was interesting since Hershey is undergoing some kind of major infrastructure renovation, and all the direct routes are completely dug up – nothing but orange barrels and flashing caution lights for as far as the eye can see down Hersheypark Drive.  But once I navigated all of that, everything else was fantastic.  The staff was warm and friendly, the spa itself was cozy and serene, and I never felt rushed or neglected… even after being there for 2 hours.  This spa has some stiff competition, too – The Hotel Hershey, which is less than 5 minutes away, has their own spa, which I’ve also visited, and it’s quite the 5-Star Facility, let me tell you.  But personal attention is a big factor in my shopping/spa experiences, and since Park Avenue excelled at this, I’ll be making another appointment there very soon.

Next, I made my way to yarn-love, Hummelstown’s LYS (that’s Local Yarn Shop, for my non-knitting readers).  Finding this shop was a bit of an adventure as well, because the road that it’s on kind of splits, and you have to drive down the part that looks residential until you see the little shop sign, directing you down a gravel path… and then you’ve made it.  And it’s well worth it.

I was greeted by Shea Leonard, who explained the layout of the store (by yarn weight – makes choosing yarn easy when you know what kind of project you’re shopping for) and was ready to answer questions about pretty much anything, as evidenced by the numerous patrons who came in while I was there.  The yarn they carry is, simply, the best quality that’s out there.  Manos del Uruguay, Noro, Tahki Stacy Charles, Madelinetosh, Louisa Harding, Elsebeth Lavold… I could go on, but why when it’s obvious that this store knows good yarn?

After taking a few laps around the shop, and after much rationalizing, I bought

  • 1 pair Addi Turbo 32″ circular needles, size 7;
  • 1 set Clover DPNs (that’s Double Pointed Needles, again for my non-knitting readers), size 5;
  • 1 skein Manos del Uruguay Silk Wool Blend, in a variegated palette than can best be described as “Autumn Leaves”;
  • 1 pattern for quick, easy, but really lovely fingerless mitts;
  • 1 really cute emery board with sheep on it, because I never have one of these when I need it, which is usually when I’m knitting and my brittle nails keep snagging my yarn.

And, since I packed all of these goodies away in The Bag Your Bag Could Be Like instead of a store bag that would eventually end up in a landfill, I was entered into a drawing for a $10 gift card… now that’s a great incentive to Go Green, isn’t it?  All in all, I absolutely loved yarn-love, I’ll definitely be visiting again (and again… and again…), and if you’re even remotely near Hummelstown, do stop in for a visit… you will NEVER be sorry.

Ok… so now half a day has passed, and half my paycheck as well, so I went home, had lunch… and promptly fell asleep on the couch.  I awoke to my daughter’s loud complaints of hunger and boredom, to which my husband and I decided, “Let’s spend even more money… and go out on the town!”  We ended up eating dinner at our local market, and then, a real treat – movie night!  We saw “Puss In Boots,” which was great fun for all of us.  I mean, really… what’s not to love about listening to Antonio Banderas for 1½ hours (my husband would change that to Salma Hayek, natch)?

And that’s the end of my super-awesome, terrific-yet-expensive, karma-healing day.  Hope your Saturday was equally amazing.



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2 responses to “Love Yarn? You’ll Love Yarn-Love.

  1. Happy to hear about your awesome day!

    I’ve thought about visiting Yarn-love but alas I know it would just be too much temptation and more than my budget could handle. So as of yet I’ve avoided the temptation.

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