Four… Whole… Rows.

The Lace Jacket project has officially begun.  I was a little afraid to start because it’s just such a daunting pattern, but it’s on the needles now… I’m on my way… look at me go…

Four. Whole. Rows. Woo hoo.

Wanna know how long it took me to knit Four… Whole… Rows?  Two… Whole… Days.  I had to frog Six… Whole… Rows when my stitch count went awry.  As of this picture, everything is correct and I’m ready for, at the very least, Four… More… Rows (because on the 5th row, the pattern gets a little crazy with the YOs.  Stay tuned.).

P.S.  I had a doctor’s appointment this morning, and as I sat, knitting (socks – the traveling project), and waited for my turn, the nurse informed me that the doctor was running late, it would be at least another ½ hour until he saw me.  I looked down at my knitting, looked up at the nurse… and smiled…

… because long delays mean nothing to those of us packing Sticks and String.


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  1. Got an hour in on my shrug yesterday at the doctors office!

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