What Price Confidence?

I’m now about halfway done with the Lace Jacket.  I don’t have a picture to show you – it still looks like a bunch of different sized holes that, if you squint, kind of looks like rows of triangle shapes randomly scattered around.  But while I can’t exactly see the finished product emerging (yet), I can tell you that I’ve learned a LOT these last few days while knitting it.

I think the most surprising thing is how very close I’ve become with the project.  I don’t usually have this kind of relationship with my WsIP, but this one demands 100% attention at all times.  Between deciphering the chart, knitting at the loosest gauge I can manage, and constantly counting stitches… LJ is a stern taskmistress.  I’m exhausted after 4 rows.  I’m exhausted just thinking about 4 rows.

Despite giving LJ all my attention, mistakes occurred.  Many… mistakes… occurred.  And I didn’t weave in any lifelines.  Did I rip the whole thing back and start again?  Hell no.  I’m thrilled to report that I was able to find every mistake by examining the pattern, examining my stitches, and examining this extremely helpful forum on Ravelry.  It took a lot of patience – patience I usually don’t have for knitting or anything, really – but I experienced that wonderful and elusive “A-ha!” moment where everything suddenly made sense, the pattern and I started speaking the same language, and the mistakes became much easier to find and fix.  Without being too melodramatic, it was as if everything around me just faded away, leaving me and LJ in perfect harmony, perfectly synched.

Luxury laceweight beaded yarn?  $50.00.  3 new sets of circular needles to ensure proper gauge (HA!!!)?  $70.00.  Hard-fought, well-earned confidence in your knitting, tinking, chart-reading, and plain-old observation skills?  Priceless.  Truly.


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