Quick Updates On Lace Jacket, Sheep To Shawl Contest.

Just a quick post tonight… much more to come very soon, after I photograph the Lace Jacket.

Yes, my friends, it’s finished.  The Lace Jacket is actually done, much faster than I thought, and much, much more beautiful than I ever expected.  I tried it on before I blocked it, just to get an idea of how much stretch it would afford me.  For the first time in the 8 years I’ve been knitting, I was speechless.  This is the best… FO… ever.  I can’t wait for the recipient to see it… that is, if I can find a way to part with it.

Sheep To Shawl Contest… I really don’t have any news here, except that it’s getting closer and I really can’t wait.  Once again, if you, or someone you know, is on one of the teams that are competing in either the Sheep or Fleece To Shawl contests , and you’d like some FREE PRESS by agreeing to an interview, please leave a comment with some contact info and I’ll be in touch.  One team did leave a message about a month or so ago, but maybe they didn’t get my enthusiastic email because I never heard back from them… ?  Or maybe I scared them away… ?  Try me again, oh Mystery Team!



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2 responses to “Quick Updates On Lace Jacket, Sheep To Shawl Contest.

  1. Wow, it seems to me like you finished the lace jacket quite fast as well. Can’t wait for the pictures!

  2. Lib Beiler

    Hi Marni –
    Team Time Warp is gearing up! It’s crunch time, and we’re in the midst of making last minute preparations, making sure our i’s are dotted, t’s are crossed, and ducks (I guess that’s sheep) are all in a row! Looking forward to seeing you next week – can’t believe we’re at 8 days and counting!!!

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