Keeping It Straight.

In lieu of a promised picture of a certain finished Lace Jacket (I have a plan for the pic… I hope it works), here’s a list of what’s coming up for me in the next 3 weeks:

  • 4 doctor visits;
  • a holiday concert, starring my daughter on violin, plus a spirited rendition of “The 12 Days Of Christmas” with her classmates;
  • a theatrical performance of “Where The Wild Things Are,” again starring my daughter in 3 roles:  as Max’s sister Alice, a tree, and a Wild Thing.  Her directors swear she wasn’t typecast as far as the Wild Thing role goes…
  • my daughter’s classmate’s birthday party;
  • my daughter’s ballet school‘s annual performance of “The Nutcracker.”  No, my daughter’s not in this one… not yet.  Next year.
  • 4  holiday gifts to knit.  Well… 4’s the goal, not the reality;
  • shop for all the other holiday gifts.  Because no one can knit it all.
  • major housecleaning;
  • planning and preparing for Christmas Day festivities at my house.  The funny thing about this is that all of our guests – my family – are Jewish.  Even funnier:  my husband’s planning on preparing a ham.
  • baking 3 dozen cookies for my daughter’s school’s Cookie Exchange;
  • baking 3 dozen cookies for my friend’s annual Cookie Exchange at her home;
  • sending out holiday cards.  Might be a good idea if I bought some first…
  • install a major project into our production environment, ensuring full browser compatibility while disallowing multiple sessions to be opened at once.  In other words, another day at the office.
  • refill my Xanax prescription;
  • (just kidding.  I’m strictly a Zoloft girl.)
The only thing that I take comfort in is that everyone else’s December lists are similar to mine… right?  Right?  Right???


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2 responses to “Keeping It Straight.

  1. Or you could go out for milk and fly to Hawaii and stay until the 1st of the year. The ham story is hilarious!

  2. Tis the season! Good luck accomplishing everything and enjoying yourself as well!

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