Were YOU This Productive Today?

Look what I did over my lunch break today!

I ate Jell-O with my feet on the table!  Ummm, no… that’s not it… let’s zoom in a bit…

Ohhhhhh… I finished the socks for my daughter!  Finally!  They came out great – love the crazy pastel yarn.

I also finished coding and testing that major project at work.  But the socks are way cooler.







Filed under Knitting, Yarn

3 responses to “Were YOU This Productive Today?

  1. So cute – the socks too!! Ha Ha Love you guys!!!!

  2. Adorable! I love how the socks came out. I’ve never knit with tofutsies yarn before. How did you like it? Is that the one that has chitin in it?

    • I really like Tofutsies (yep, it’s the one with chitin, a nice little perk for kids socks!) – it’s easy to knit with, feels great on the feet, and is practically indestructible. Highly recommended!

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