The Annual yarnyMarni Family Farm Show Visit.

Tonight was the big night – husband, daughter and I boldly ventured into the densely-packed, never-ending morass that is the Farm Show Complex in search of food, friendly farm animals, princesses, crafts… and beef jerky (for my husband).  After dining on lightly breaded tilapia sandwiches and chocolate milkshakes (yeah, I know – terrible combination.  But only if consumed outside of the Farm Show Complex.  It’s hard to explain.), the journey began.

Chicks were hatching...

... and turkeys gobbled.

Alpacas were very popular... and quite fuzzy.

Another alpaca.


And even more alpacas. Yes, I'm biased. Deal.

We visited a Butterfly House, where we got to feed butterflies a sweet drink from Q-Tips:

My daughter's new friend.

Not to be outdone, my husband proved irresistible to the locals:

In your FACE!!!

My daughter was presented to Her Royal Highnesses:

Daughter and Dairy Princess Alternate #1.


Daughter and Her Royal Highness, The Pennsylvania Dairy Princess.

Then it was off to see the crafts.  Sadly, most of them were behind glass cases and couldn’t be photographed clearly due to all the glare (even without a flash, I couldn’t get a single decent picture).  But here’s a small sample:

This quilt took 1st Prize. Easy to see why.


How cool is this quilt? Nice trompe l'oeil going on here.

This one was really beautiful, too. And so large I couldn't get the whole thing into the picture.

We take our Gingerbread House Competition very, VERY seriously here in PA. Just try to beat this.

I'm not kidding. Gingerbread as Art reigns supreme here.

I’ll try to get a few more shots of the handspun yarn and knitted/crocheted contest entries another day.  As the evening drew to a close and our feet started to ache, we made sure to end our pilgrimage at…

... The Butter Sculpture! It depicts The Dairy Princess giving a Farm Show ribbon to a young contestant. This whole thing will be turned into biodiesel next week.

A very, very fun night was had by all.  Can’t wait ’til Wednesday!












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2 responses to “The Annual yarnyMarni Family Farm Show Visit.

  1. Nice to see a fun family outing!

  2. Hooray Farm Show! But the crowds really are not fun. I visited on Sunday with my boyfriend and it felt particularly mobbed, maybe because I normally visit on a weekday evening. But my highlight was receiving honorable mention for the yarn I submitted! Those glass cases really are awful however. Above my yarn was the most spectacular Quilt, although I think it may have been entered as a creative use of fiber exhibit, it has these amazing looking trees that had loops of string as the leaves and I just could not get a good photo.

    But I’ll be back tomorrow with a friend who will be way more excited to spend gobs of time marveling at the crafts. So best of luck to both of us for some good photos!

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