T Minus 12 Hours And Counting.

Sheep To Shawl Day approaches!  As I gather the last few items on my checklist, why don’t you take a minute to read…

yarnyMarni’s Rules of Engagement

  1. Keeping up with the Fleece and Sheep To Shawl contests here on yarnyMarni is very easy (if you’re not yarnyMarni).  All you have to do is go to the Home page, and every few minutes or so, hit your browser’s Refresh button to see the updates.
  2. I will also post updates to Twitter (@yarnyMarni), but not as often.  These posts will include the “#farmshow” hashtag, for easy searching.
  3. I’ve heard rumors that the free Wi-Fi at The Farm Show has been spotty the last few days.  I have attempted to secure a back-up Wi-Fi network for myself if that continues to be the case, but if that should fail as well, please bear with me as I try to remedy the situation without resorting to alcohol.
  4. All comments are welcome, and encouraged, as long as
    a.  they’re not spam;
    b.  they’re written with respect for your fellow readers.
    Comments that are not in compliance with these 2 simple rules will not be published.

And finally…


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