Farewell, 2012 PA Farm Show.

The 2012 PA Farm Show is officially over… what a week, huh?  I’m always a little sad when it ends, but I already have a lot of plans in the works for next year’s show.  Don’t forget to check out the 2012 PA Farm Show page for news and press releases – I was updating it most of the week until the Worst Headache Ever sent me straight to bed for 3 days.

Coming To The Blog In The Near Future:  A trip to Penn State’s Pasto Agricultural Museum, and tales of a desperate search for an out-of-print knitting pattern (anyone have a copy of Interweave Knits Fall 2000 issue they’re willing to part with or let me borrow?).


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One response to “Farewell, 2012 PA Farm Show.

  1. Hi Marnie! Was nice to see you at the sheep to shawl contest, wish you could have had time to talk, but you were busy! Another great job of covering the event!

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