Sigh… have you ever had one of those weeks?  I’m definitely having one of those weeks, except that it’s stretching into 2 weeks… not good.

For 3 days following the 2012 PA Farm Show, I endured one of the worst headaches ever.  I get headaches a lot, and they usually last 2-3 days, because no medicine ever helps.  They’re not fun, but they’re tolerable… until this last one.  For 3 days, I came home from work, briefly thought about blogging… then went straight to bed.

After the headache finally subsided, I endured one of the worst head colds ever.  It was something between a really bad cold and a really bad allergy attack – something that I don’t typically suffer from on a seasonal basis.  I think my friend and weaver extraordinaire Libby Beiler had it right when she diagnosed me with Farm Show Flu – an ailment that attacks those who spend an inordinate amount of time among the throngs of spectators, animals, hay, and dust.  For 5 days, I came home from work, briefly thought about blogging… then went straight to bed.

Yesterday morning, I endured one of the worst burns that I ever had, ever.  The doctor diagnosed it as a borderline 3rd degree.  This is what happens when you try to carry a too-full pot of boiling water outside to your garden to de-ice the birdbath, hoping that you’ll attract a flock of something other than the adorable dark-eyed juncos that frequent your yard:

Truly, I have a knack for maiming myself spectacularly.

It’ll take a lot of ointment and sterile dressing, but this will heal.  So before I send myself straight to bed, I thought I’d get back to the blog, just for a few minutes.  More yarny adventures coming soon (c’mon, did you think a borderline 3rd degree burn was going to keep me from knitting?).  But for now…

Time to rest the hand.



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6 responses to “Burned.

  1. sorry Marni! that stinks.

  2. Deb in PA

    Ouch! Feel better and take care of yourself.

  3. oh my. Hope that cloud passed. Use the time for project planning

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon. Just wanted to say thank you for putting me in your blog.

    Fluffy u Fiber Farm

  5. I hope you’re feeling better and that this week was…better. 🙂

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