Deep In The Planning Stage.

Alrighty… it’s now been about 2 weeks since I burned my hand, and I’m healing quite nicely.  Many, many thanks to everyone who posted, Tweeted, texted, and called to wish me a speedy recovery – I’m humbled by the outpouring of care, and ever so grateful for it.

My friend and fellow blogger Karen suggested that I use the down time to plan upcoming projects, and that’s exactly what I did.

1.  A Vest For My Husband
Last year was spent knitting either socks or incredibly intricate pullovers and lace jackets.  There was no in-between – it was either one side of the knitting spectrum or the other.  In December, I said to my very patient husband that I hadn’t knit him anything other than socks in a while, and before I could finish the thought he blurted, “A VEST!  I want a tweedy, button-front vest!”

So I started trolling Ravelry for a tweedy, button-front vest, and chose about 5 patterns that I thought he’d like.  After showing him each one, he chose The Cider House Rules Vest, by Linda Daniels, owner of Northampton Wools in Northampton, MA.  But… the pattern isn’t offered as a download.  The pattern also isn’t offered on the shop’s website.  The pattern is offered through Interweave Knits Fall 2000 issue… which I don’t have.  Now what?

The Cider House Rules Vest. Picture by Ravelry user purlingswine.

Problem easily solved:  I emailed Linda Daniels to ask about buying the pattern.  She emailed me back the next day – all I have to do (and you can do the same, if you want the pattern) is send $6.00 to the store, and she’ll mail the pattern out.  And so, with the proverbial check in the mail and a satisfied, Cheshire Cat smile plastered across my  husband’s face, I await said pattern.  Next challenge:  choosing the yarn.

2.  Socks For Me
I was certain that I was going to take a well-deserved holiday from sock-knitting this year.  After all the pairs I made last year (5, plus learning how to darn), I thought I’d concentrate on other knitted items, like cowls and shawls and vests, etc.  But then Dori gave me a skein of Lorna’s Laces Solemate for Hanukkah, in my very favorite colors.  Yes, I could use it to make something other than socks.  But no.  I must… make… socks.  I must.

Pretty sock yarn = pretty socks.

But which socks?   This amazing yarn needs an equally amazing pattern, and there are, like, a gajillion of ’em out on Ravelry alone.  After multiple searches and many days, I’ve decided on these:

This is Skew, designed by Lana Holden, picture by Richard Layton. How insane are these???

So not only am I knitting socks again, but I’m knitting socks from the toe up (which I’ve never done), using a cast-on I’ve never heard of, using the Magic Loop method (which I’ve never done), with many design features that will demand my full concentration, every step of the way.  But hey… if mine turn out like the picture, it’ll be SO worth it, right?

3.  More Socks For Me
Seriously???  Remind me never to say things like, “This year, I’m taking a break from socks.”  So futile.

As I searched and searched for the perfect pattern to use for my Solemate sock yarn, my daughter sweetly asked, “Why do you need a pattern?  Why don’t you just make one up?”

Why, indeed.

Flashback to The 2012 PA Farm Show Fleece To Shawl Contest.  As the teams were setting up, I went over to chat with my friends from Sugar Valley Rural Charter School, The Sugar Valley Shepherds.  They proceeded to bowl me over with a gift of sock yarn and a card that I’ll keep forever, for coming out to their school to interview them.  So unnecessary, but SO appreciated!

This is Regia 4-fädig (4-ply) sock yarn, given to me by The Sugar Valley Shepherds.

I can’t knit just any sock pattern with this.  I think the only thing I can do to honor the spirit of this gift is… to design my first sock pattern.  The name of the pattern will be Sugar Valley.  But you’ll have to tune in to see what they look like.

… and that’s not all.  I’ve got more planned, like knitting 10 pairs of Welted Fingerless Gloves for my “eldest daughter” (aka our babysitter) to give as gifts for Christmas 2012.  But that’s enough planning for now… time to watch some backlogged episodes of The Big Bang Theory.  And dream about socks.



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2 responses to “Deep In The Planning Stage.

  1. Yeah you did some planning your healing and life moves forward. Can’t wait to see your spin on the vest.

  2. Really can’t wait to see how the Skew socks turn out for you!! Please keep us all posted about your progress – particularly with this pattern. I was eying it up myself but am nervous to attempt. 🙂

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