The Near Future Of Knitting.

This is not a blog post… not a real one, at least.  It’s mostly a simple request to stay tuned, because the knitting’s gonna get kicked up a few notches next weekend.

Until then, I remain dedicated to Skew – the first sock’s done, the 2nd one’s about ½ done.  I’m sort of taking my time with the 2nd sock – it’s so much fun to knit, I’m in no rush to see it end.  If you ever considered this pattern and thought it would be too difficult… trust me, it’s not.  Because if you’ve knit socks before, then you already have all the skills you need to Skew.  For me, the toughest part was learning the Magic Loop method of circular knitting, and even that wasn’t too bad (I just had to practice it a bit before starting the project).

And… that’s all I’ve got.  Well… almost.  Here’s a preview of Knitting To Come:

No surprise here... The Cider House Rules Vest will be cast-on next weekend, as soon as I get the yarn.

The Primavera Cardigan, by Cecily Glowik MacDonald for Blue Sky Alpacas. I... LOVE... this. You should see the perfect box pleat in the back - it's to die for. Seriously.

Welted Fingerless Gloves by Churchmouse Yarns & Teas. I knit 3 pairs of these last year. I'll knit at least 8 pairs this year... starting this weekend.

Satin Ribbons tee, by Irina Poludnenko for Tahki Yarns. I can only hope I have enough time this Spring/Summer to knit this.

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  1. Jen Rehill

    Ooh, I love the satin ribbons tee – the cut is so nice.

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