… reading Catching Fire now.

What?  Mailman just delivered yarn for The Cider House Rules Vest?  Cool.  Will knit later…

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Can’t Talk…

… reading The Hunger Games.  Will knit later…

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The Next Knitting Challenge: Sparkle!

When last we heard from her, yarnyMarni was eagerly awaiting a weekend of new yarn, new patterns, and new needles, to properly kick off the early Spring that seems to have embraced the tri-state area.  Let’s catch up with her now and see what exciting things she’s created:

Oh dear...

I had such lofty goals of starting The Cider House Rules Vest last weekend, but it was not to be.  You see, there was a yarn issue.  The pattern calls for Classic Elite‘s Mistral (85% pima cotton, 15% superfine alpaca).  Sounds nice, huh?  Well, I’m sure it was… but it’s discontinued now.  So I need to substitute, and this is always challenging for me, because choosing a suitable alternate that’ll have similar hand, drape, and gauge is kind of hard when you’re not familiar with every yarn on the market.  So I called in Dori The Expert, who, after asking me about my preferences, recommended Tahki YarnsCotton Classic Lite (100% mercerized cotton).  However, she didn’t have enough of the stuff on hand in any color to begin the project, and would order whatever color I wanted… after she returned from her vacation.  In Hawaii.  Sometime next week.  But I could, of course, get my gauge swatch going in any color she had that pleased me.  I liked the blue… see above.  I’m certain, though, that my husband will not choose blue for his vest.  Stay tuned as we ponder over shades of gray and green.

Meanwhile, I’ve had time to think about the next project for me.  I still love the Primavera Cardigan and the Satin Ribbons Tee, but recently I’ve been re-introduced to Sparkle:


This seriously gorgeous dress, designed by Shirley Paden, was published back in 2007 in Vogue Knitting‘s Silver Anniversary issue.  After reading some amazing success stories about knitting this thing on Ravelry, I started thinking that maybe… if I was really diligent… I could knit this up in time for a big party I’m attending next month.  I mean, I knit not one, but two Lace Jackets in a month, so I could pull this off in about a month also, right?  Wellllllllllllllll… probably not, mainly because my LYSs don’t carry the yarn – Skacel Collection, Inc.‘s Karat (rayon/polyester metallic).  But… this would look really good on me… and Lord knows, no one else would be wearing anything remotely like it to said party…

Anyone know where I can get 14 skeins of Karat super-fast?

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The Near Future Of Knitting.

This is not a blog post… not a real one, at least.  It’s mostly a simple request to stay tuned, because the knitting’s gonna get kicked up a few notches next weekend.

Until then, I remain dedicated to Skew – the first sock’s done, the 2nd one’s about ½ done.  I’m sort of taking my time with the 2nd sock – it’s so much fun to knit, I’m in no rush to see it end.  If you ever considered this pattern and thought it would be too difficult… trust me, it’s not.  Because if you’ve knit socks before, then you already have all the skills you need to Skew.  For me, the toughest part was learning the Magic Loop method of circular knitting, and even that wasn’t too bad (I just had to practice it a bit before starting the project).

And… that’s all I’ve got.  Well… almost.  Here’s a preview of Knitting To Come:

No surprise here... The Cider House Rules Vest will be cast-on next weekend, as soon as I get the yarn.

The Primavera Cardigan, by Cecily Glowik MacDonald for Blue Sky Alpacas. I... LOVE... this. You should see the perfect box pleat in the back - it's to die for. Seriously.

Welted Fingerless Gloves by Churchmouse Yarns & Teas. I knit 3 pairs of these last year. I'll knit at least 8 pairs this year... starting this weekend.

Satin Ribbons tee, by Irina Poludnenko for Tahki Yarns. I can only hope I have enough time this Spring/Summer to knit this.

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Besides Mardi Gras, There’s Also…

Ahhhhh, Fat Tuesday.  Here in Central PA, only one thing matters today:  FASNACHTS!

I may have been responsible for the disappearance of two of these. Maybe three.

So much more than just your run-of-the-mill glazed doughnut… on Fat Tuesday, they’re the epitome of decadence and pre-Lenten extravagance.  All of the calories, none of the drunken dancing bead-throwing nudity.

Much to my delight, it’s also Pancake Day.  Shame on me for not knowing about this annual event until today, but I’ll be happy to celebrate it this weekend when I have time to make some.

Finally, it’s only appropriate to Skew for Mardi Gras.

I'm skewing left... and I'm loving this pattern!


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