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Sigh… the 2010 PA Farm Show is officially over.  It’s a little depressing, really.  Who would’ve thought that a NYC girl like me would geek out so much over agriculture?  I think living here in Central PA these last 9 1/2 years definitely had a lot to do with my agrarian shift, although sadly, anything I try to grow from seed ends up shriveling away.  I guess I’ll keep working with fiber animal (and certain plant) byproducts.

Speaking of which, I am very, very remiss at posting this next bit.  Last autumn, I visited a couple of wonderful alpaca farms during their Open House events with my family and friends, and had a blast.  I highly recommend a visit to both:

The first one is Bent Pine Alpaca Farm, in Carlisle, PA.  This is a great, family-friendly farm, with hay rides, food, seminars (I could listen to owner Darwin Kell talk about his business all day…), and,, of course, alpacas (and llamas!).  We were allowed to visit some of the animals in one of the pastures, and the alpacas were so friendly – everywhere I turned, there was a photo op.  See for yourself:

Coming back to the barn for a snack.

The Kells' alpacas are very friendly!

I tried, but couldn't get a good shot of the newest addition to the farm...

My daughter and her friend Alli modeling their alpaca ponchos.

The second farm is Big Rock Alpaca Farm, in East Berlin, PA.  Owners Allen and Kelly Stoner (actually, their whole family) are incredibly warm and welcoming, and we had an equally good time visiting their alpacas as we did visiting their store – good thing I know how to knit, or I would’ve done some serious damage to my bank account that day.  We also met The Sock Lady, who had some really beautiful, hand-dyed socks for sale.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera that day, but I plan on visiting again this year, so I’ll grab pictures then.

Naturally, there were some awesome alpacas being shown at the 2010 PA Farm Show.  The 3 days I was there, it never failed – the crowds surrounding the alpacas were at least 5 rows deep.  We waited our turn to visit some, and when we it was our turn, my daughter very naturally reached out and petted one on the neck, which is much preferred by the animal (and the owners) over the fluffy tufts on their heads.  The owner we were chatting with explained that his animals were trained to accept head- and neck-pats from strangers… but what can I say, I was still proud of my girl for remembering her alpaca “manners”.

Know of any other good farms to visit?  Let me know!

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PA Farm Show, Take 3…

As promised… please check out my 2010 PA Farm Show page for more fiber-y (and quilt-y) pictures.

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PA Farm Show, Take 2…

Yesterday was Family Nite at the Farm Show.  My husband, daughter and I trekked over, fought through the crowds to get our milkshakes, then made our way through the exhibits.  My mission was a simple one:  take photos of quilts, knitting, crochet, etc. to put up on the blog.  Easy.

Well… not so easy if your camera needs to be recharged.  Mission totally not accomplished.

So what’s an intrepid fiber blogger to do?  The answer is simple, and a tad on the warped side after spending 12+ hours at the place on Wednesday (pun totally intended):  she heads back to the Farm Show.  To get her pictures.  And some batter-dipped veggies. And a quart of maple syrup…

I have to run out for a school function with my daughter.  But look on my 2010 PA Farm Show page later tonight for the pictures I took today.

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Two Days And Counting.

I was on my way to the ladies room at work today, when a coworker stopped me.

“Are you doing that Farm Show thing again this year?”
“Um… Farm Show thing?  You mean… ”
“You know, the shawl contest?  On your website?”
“Ohhhhh… that Farm Show thing.  Yes, I am.  All day Wednesday.”
“So you’re not working that day, I guess?”

“I might not be here working, but make no mistake, I’ll be working.”

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Mea Culpa.


Many thanks to Tina Volz of Team Treadlers Thru Time for giving me a heads-up regarding the accuracy of my proofreading.  There was a discrepancy between their team member listing and their actual bio on the 2010 PA Farm Show page that I didn’t catch while cutting and pasting.  My apologies to the team and particularly spinner Kathy Kenworthy.

Anyone catch any other mistakes I may have made?  Please let me know!

Meanwhile… I passed by the Farm Show Complex on my way home from work, and there it was… the beacon that calls us all to its milkshakes and butter sculptures and all things conveniently located on a street corner near you:

The Turkey Hill Cow. A sure sign of winter. And milkshakes.

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