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The Shawl Is Finished… What Next?

I’m late in reporting this, probably because I’ve been celebrating for a full week, but…


Completed on 03/27/10, it measures 83″ x 16″ after blocking. And I just love it. For my first lace project, I can’t help but feel a real sense of accomplishment.  I wore it to work on Thursday, and, predictably, nobody took notice of the long swath of cranberry  tossed carelessly around me.  But no matter.  I’ll be wearing it a lot.  My coworkers will notice eventually…

[remembering that I work with J2EE architects and Java developers…]

… no, they won’t.  The heck with ’em, I love it, I’ll wear it no matter who’s noticing.

Here’s the old picture.  I’ll update it the next time I wear it.

So, now that this project is done… what happens next?

  • Socks, knit with Austermann Step.  I try to always have socks on the needles, because it’s by far the best travel project around.  I shove the yarn, 5″ sock needles, and tape measure into my little Goknit pouch, attach it to my purse, and I’m ready to knit anywhere.  And I do.  The socks will be for my husband, picture to follow.
  • Cathy Carron’s Gathered Mesh Polo, from Interweave‘s Spring 2010 Knitscene mag.  I chose this project out of, like, 8 other finalists for my big Spring project because it’s utterly wearable 3 out of 4 seasons of the year, and presents a new challenge for me:  seamless sweater construction.  I just ordered the yarn – Blue Sky Alpaca‘s Skinny Cotton – in an interesting grayish/purple-y color they call Zinc (#304).  Should be starting this next Friday, and I absolutely can’t wait.  It’s the only thing preventing me from splurging on new shoes.  Oh wait, I did that, too…

Anyone else starting anything new for Spring?

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FAQ: What’s With The New Name?

Yesterday I briefly stated why and how I was starting my blog again.  But by far the biggest question of the day has been, where’d you get the crazy new name?

A couple of months or so ago, I was lamenting to my cube neighbor Bill about giving up my “Accidental Knitter” namesake.  The problem was, what would I call myself then?  Without missing a beat, he said, “How about ‘Yarny Marni’?”  After picking my jaw up off the ground, I said, simply, “Whoa.”  And there it was.

On the needles right now:  Socks for my husband, made with Austermann Step sock yarn.  Yes, I’m still working on these.  But they’re almost done.  Really.

On the needles previously:  The Spectrum Scarf, by Eunny Jang of Interweave Knits.  A great project, which I’ll discuss at length another day.

On the needles later:  Another scarf for Bob, but for his daughter.  I need something that a 13-year old will like… I may be in trouble here.  Stay tuned.

For Bob's wife, who doesn't read this blog.

For Bob's wife, who doesn't read this blog.

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