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Olympic Knitting.

Well, I did end up spending a lot of time in my house after all that snow, but I did not have the day off from work.  Apparently there’s a policy out there somewhere that says if you have a company-issued laptop, and are able to, under normal circumstances, work from home, then 18″ of snow shouldn’t stop you.  I admit, I did get a lot of work done… but I really would’ve loved the free day off.

So is anyone out there entered into the Knitting Olympics or Ravelympics?  In case you haven’t heard about these, it’s kind of a competition for yarnies to challenge themselves during the 2 weeks of the Winter Olympics.  You can choose to start a new project, or even pick up a WIP that you tabled for a while, and try like mad to finish it before the Olympic Torch is extinguished during the closing ceremonies.  If I’m not mistaken, the idea for this was originally Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s, and it received such a huge, positive response that they keep bringing it back.

So of course this all leads to my participation in the Knitting Olympics:  am I competing?  Well… no.  Not officially.  I’m not signed up anywhere, but I am still challenging myself – you can call it a “time trial” for a future Knitting Olympic event. I finished the Beagle Scarf – it’s blocked and drying now.  So I decided to go back to the Superior Lace Shawl and use it as my unofficial Knitting Olympics entry:

By far the most ambitious project I've ever attempted. Not hard, just time-consuming.

I’m challenging myself to complete at least 8 rows a day, and also get started on the 3rd skein of yarn before closing ceremonies.  If I can actually do this (even if it’s not finished), I’ll have what it takes to officially enter the Knitting Olympics next time… and win gold.

Anyone else participating, officially or not?

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2 major snow storms in 1 week +
a probable day off from Pre-K    +
an unsurprising lack of reception from the satellite dish +
a (holding my breath on this one) closed home office
a whole lotta knitting gettin’ done!

That scarf is sooooooooooo done…

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Quick Update.

For those following along at home:  Daughter has come through eye surgery with flying colors, and is now attempting to sleep because she’s actually well enough to go to school tomorrow which is great because Husband and I are going stir crazy being home with her, not that she’s been difficult or anything because she’s been a real trooper but we all just need to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE.

And I’m almost done with the Beagle Scarf. The goal is to have it finished and blocked by Valentine’s Day… I’m sure you can guess why.

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Crawling Back To Life.

Happy New Year, everyone.  May we all have a happy, healthy one.  It’s gotta be better than the last one.

I apologize for the very, very long absence.  2009 was a rough year for me and my family, which is certainly not an uncommon refrain for so many of us.  For us it was a year of loss:  my father-in-law, my grandmother, and the miscarriage of my unborn child.  These, along with job stress (I do still have a job, and I’m thankful, believe me) and some family stress, sunk me into a bit of a depression, and I just didn’t feel like blogging.  I didn’t even get much knitting done – I’m telling you, it was bad.

But… it’s a new year, and a new start, and holy moly I’ve only got, like, a week and a half to get my act together if I’m gonna do the live blog thing at the 2010 PA Farm Show so let’s get going, shall we?

Keep an eye on my new 2010 PA Farm Show page on this blog for news and info on the upcoming Sheep To Shawl Contest, and other fiber-y things I can get my hands on.

Meanwhile, here are the Top 3 Knitting Projects of 2009 (truth be told, they were the only knitting projects of 2009… ):

The Harrisburg Academy Sweater

I’ve blogged about this before, but here it is, modeled by my daughter.  I absolutely love how this turned out!  I tried using intarsia for the motif, but it drove me nuts so I finished it in duplicate stitch.  I learned a lot during this project, and also really honed my finishing skills.

Superior Lace Shawl

This yarn is sooooo soft, like knitting with cobwebs.

I bought the yarn for this project back in 2008 – 3 skeins of Filatura di Crosa’s Golden Line Superior – and started it in June of 2009.  It’s an easy pattern to memorize, but it’s just taaaaaaaaaaking… sooooooooooooooo… loooooooooong to finish.  My goal is to have it done by this summer.

Beagle Scarf

This pattern is from Norah Gaughan, one of my favorite menswear designers.

I just started this last week for my husband.  It’s a great pattern, and I love how it’s coming out, although I substituted the smooth wool yarn named in the pattern for a pebbly tweed, so the seed stitch parts don’t really “pop” as much as they can.

And that’s probably it for the knitting for the next couple of weeks.  On with the S2S show…

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